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The TTC Toolbox offers several features and tools for those Trying to Conceive - including our Ovulation Calculator and our TTC-Checklist. Improve your chances getting pregnant - and having a healthy baby - by consulting our TTC Checklist, our Ovulation Calculator, and - just for fun - our Chinese Gender Chart.

Ovulation Calculator

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, you need to have intercourse during your most fertile period - and therefore predicting the moment of ovulation is key. To help determine the approximate time of your pending ovulation, try our ovulation calculator. Simply tell us the first day of your last menstrual period and the average length of your cycle.

Click Here to Visit our Ovulation Calculator

Fertility Chart Guide

Once you understand the methods of predicting ovulation, creating a comprehensive fertility chart will help you maximize your chances for pinpointing ovulation and conceiving a baby. Download your fertility chart.

Click Here to learn more about Creating a Fertility Chart

Ovulation Calendar Method

The Ovulation Calendar Method predicts ovulation by looking at a woman's menstrual history - recognizing calendrical patterns and isolating the most fertile times for conceiving a baby. Our Ovulation Calculator works on the same principle.

Click Here to learn more about the Ovulation Calendar Method.

Questions to Ask Before You (even try to) Get Pregnant!

Before you do your TTC checklist, consider doing a "Trying to Conceive Countdown" - a list of serious questions to ask before you even start le babydance. Learn about health and baby-safety issues that begin well before you receive a positive on a pregnancy test. There's a lot to find out about - from hot tubs to prescription medications to cat litter.... Believe it or not!

Click Here to learn more about the Trying to Conceive Countdown.

TTC Checklist

The TTC-Checklist is designed to improved fertility and increase your chances of becoming pregnant - with a healthy baby, a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. The TTC-checklist is based on two principles: understanding your own body - its cycles and fertility rhythms - and maximizing your fertility health. Click Here to visit our TTC Checklist

Checklist topics include:

  • Fertility Health and Diet
  • Understanding Your Body's Menstrual Cycle
  • Predicting Ovulation
  • Decreasing Alcohol Consumption and Quitting Smoking
  • Look at Male Fertility Issues
  • Decrease Stress and Think Positive
  • Timing Sex
  • Getting a Fertility Work-Up

Click Here to read more about our TTC Checklist

The Chinese Gender Chart and Sex Selection

The Chinese Conception Chart - or Chinese Gender Chart - was discovered in a royal tomb over 700 years ago. According to legend, the chart is capable of predicting the gender of an unborn child based on two variables: the baby's month of conception and the mother's age. Click Here to Visit the Chinese Gender Chart

To learn about sex selection and influencing the gender of your child, read our 3 Part series on Shettles Method and choosing baby gender:
Part 1: Techniques of Gender Selection
Part 2: The Shettles Method
Part 3: Fertility Charting and Sex Selection

See Also: Gender Prediction Myths

Ovulation Myths and Pregnancy Misconceptions

So what's normal? Well, when it comes to trying to conceive, 'normal' is a word best to avoid. Most myths and misconceptions about conceiving are based on old ideas and false norms. Click here to read about pregnancy myths for TTC couples.

See Also: The Pre-Pregnany Checkup for TTC Women

TTC Terminology: Definitions and keywords for conception, including explanations of common TTC (Trying to Conceive) acronyms and abbreviations.

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I am 23 years old and we are trying to start a family. I was on the pill for years until the last year I was on the depo shot. I have never had regular periods without being on the pill and even when I switched to the depo shot I only spotted for a couple weeks before my next scheduled shot. So my problem is that I've been off the shot since July and have not had a period yet, I also have taken many pregnancy tests and am still getting negitive results. I would like to be able to figure out my ovulation schedule but can't find anything to calculate it without basing results off periods. Please help!

For the past 3 months, i see light pink spotting for 2 days just before my actual period starts. so, which day should i consider as my first day of period? is this a problem of hormonal imbalance? pls help.

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant with our 4th child....however the first 3 were unplanned but very welcomed! Now that we want just one more and are trying to get pregnant we seem to be having I bought the ovulation test strips from early pregnancy and my LH surge was on 7/13/2010....but when I tested today on the 14th my LH sugre line was lighter then the test line...does this mean I have already ovulated? We did have intercourse the day before my LH surge and on the day of the surge as well as the day after my surge...could I be pregnant? Is it possible to have the LH Surge only last for one day? Help!

I would love to get tips on fertility days

my last period was september 29. it usually last 4-5 days

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Ovulation Calculator

Format: 5/20/2019
Increase your chances of getting pregnant! Our Ovulation Calculator will help you predict when you ovulate - your prime time for becoming pregnant.

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