Trying to Conceive (TTC)

TTC - Or Trying to Conceive - is one of life's major milestones. But for the millions of couples who are trying to become pregnant, TTC is not always as easy or quick as we imagined it would be when we were younger....

Trying To Conceive

The average age of trying-to-conceive couples is quite a bit higher than when our parents were having us. And it's even much higher than when our grandparents were TTC with our parents! Of course, the acronyms for trying to have a baby did not exist back then, nor did the online TTC support communities, and nor did all the products that can help us conceive (predict fertility, etc) today.

The fact is, a lot has changed in the last decade. With a higher average age for ttc couples, combined with the stress and speed of modern life, we know now that it may take longer to successfully conceive a baby and achieve pregnancy, even with new fangled fertility monitors, ovulation tests, and "sperm-friendly" lubricants!

Further complicating things, more and more couples may face infertility hurdles when trying to become pregnant. So, needless to say, while most of these obstacles to getting pregnant can be overcome, Tyring to Conceive can be a a very emotional issue...

Predicting Ovulation and Fertility

Your Ob/Gyn will tell you that the best way to increase your odds of conceiving is to fertility chart - combining several natural trying-to-conceive methods to increase the odds of pregnancy. These include: using a basal thermometer (bbt charting) to pinpoint the date you ovulate, which is accompanied by a basal body temperature increase; keeping an ovulation calendar; recording changes in cervical mucus or vaginal fluids; recording physical symptoms like ovulation pains - or mittelschmerz; using (or combining use) of different ovulation monitors and predictor kits (urine lh tests, saliva "ferning" scopes, fertility monitors). See our recommended product list below.

Trying To Conceive Products

Most Popular Fertility Charting and Preconception Products
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Trying To Conceive Questions and Methods

To successfully fertility chart, understanding how the menstrual cycle functions - and what happens during ovulation - is vital to predicting the day you ovulate, the time you are most fertile and will most likely conceive. To take a look at the dynamics of fertility and conception, please click on the topics below!

> Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle
> Ovulation
> Conception and Pregnancy

Once you understand the dynamics of conceiving a baby, there are three TTC methods for predicting when you ovulate. These methods, as noted above, include charting your basal body temperature, recording changes in your cervical fluid, and noting changes in the position of your cervix. provides extensive information on these methods of predicting when you ovulate. For more on these proven methods, please click here.


To omotajo and Anonymous, I think the easiest way to tell when you're ovulating is to use ovulation test strips. You can buy them for cheap from

I dont know if i still ovulate again, how do i know it, help me out.


for the past seven years i have been experiencing regular menstrua cycle but now it is irregular. sometimes it 32 days sometimes 35 sometimes 30 and sometimes 29. and i want to get pregnant so what should i do

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