Ovulation Prediction and Timing Intercourse

Ovulation Prediction and Timing Intercourse

The goal of fertility charting is to accurately predict ovulation - therefore allowing you to time intercourse with precision and maximize the chances of successful conception.

Because the 'fertility window' is a short one (the egg can survive for 24 hours and the sperm can live for up to three days), timing intercourse prior to and during your ovulatory cycle will enhance the likelihood of conceiving a baby.

First of all, most experts recommend that you have intercourse regularly, 2-3 times a week, every week. In addition to that, increased frequency of intercourse (daily love making) should take place during the woman's most fertile time.

As a rule, couples should make love daily during this fertile period - two days prior to ovulation and during the remaining days of the ovulatory cycle. Because the sperm can survive several days in the womb, intercourse prior to ovulation means that sperm will be present and waiting when the egg is released from the ovarian follicle and makes its way down the fallopian tube. Continue daily intercourse during the entire ovulatory cycle up to and during ovulation (sperm count allowing).

Ovulation Tests and Timing Intercourse

Ovulation tests detect a woman's LH surge, allowing test users to accurately anticipate ovulation. A positive result on an ovulation test means that the woman will most likely become fertile over the next three days - with peak fertility at 36 hours following the LH surge. Following a positive result, love making should take place (at least) daily over the following three days to increase the chances of pregnancy.


my period started on 24 Sept 2013 when is my next ovulation date

whenis ovulation date

Hi my last period was on October 19,2012
And my current period started November 20,2012

Wanted to know when will I ovulate thnx

My last mestrual was on July 16 2012. I stopped taking my birth control about 3 days before that. After, I have had regular intercourse with my spouse. I took plan b on the 18th. We had intercourse again and I took plan b i believe the weekend after. I have taken pregnancy test and it shows negative and still no period. I took ovulation test and it showed positive on 9.2.12. I had intercourse that night. right after i pee'd it out....sorry about that. can the sperm servive and can i still get pregnant??

my period started at 1st may 2012,and intercource with may 8th......how pregnant?

My period always changes date, my Jan 2012 was on the 14th and feb it started on the 9th. Is this regular? And dec 2011 was 19th. Pls clearify me on this. Thank you

My lmp is November 12, 2011. I am 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant by January 19, 2012 as per ultrasound result. I and my partner didn't have sex from October - December 2011 (or maybe I just forgot but I'm 95% sure of this). These are the months when we were on the brink of breaking up. However, I met this 2nd man who eventually became my boyfriend and we had sex on the 1st of November, 2011. Our relationship lasted until December 2011. Now I'm pregnant and is confused who is the real father of my baby because I'm quite sure the 2nd man got me pregnant but the ultrasound result is 12 weeks and 6 days which says that the 1st man is the father. Help me please.

My name is cinddy,3months nw i became more serious over my ovulation calculation.my most fertile day was on the 23rd of dis month,bt am so anxious over getting pregnant i guess i'm having pms nw.wat steps shld i take cos i dont wanna go for test nw?

Im25 n planning to have a baby my lmp was on 19 dec when is most likely i get pregnant

Im 34yrs old. my gal born 5 mths ago (7/7/11) i'm planning to have baby boy is there any matter i can use. My LMP was the 8 Dec, I have a 23-25 days cycle. when is my ovulation

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