Common Questions About Ovulation Testing

Common Questions About Ovulation Testing

Facts and Tips to Help You Conceive Sooner...

- Can I Receive a positive lh test result and not ovulate?
- Can I Receive a negative lh test result and still ovulate?
- How can I increase the accuracy of ovulation tests?

Good questions! Before answering, a brief overview of fertility and how ovulation predictors work... Ovulation tests function by detecting the sharp rise in luteinizing hormone (LH) that occurs midcycle, just before you ovulate. Ovulation, as you likely may know, is the process by which a mature ovum (casually know as the "egg") is released from the ovarian follicle. Luteinizing hormone is one of the hormonal agents that actually "causes" ovulation, helping break down the wall of the follicle so an ovarian "stigma" is created - a rupture by which the ovum is set free into the fallopian tube. As lh is instrumental in the process of ovulation itself, testing for the increased presence of the lh hormone (the lh surge) is a very reliable indicator of when a women is highly fertile.

Ovulation Test Facts:

  • Ovulation tests detect luteinizing hormone, which suddenly, rapidly, and briefly increases in your system right before you ovulate.
  • A positive result on an ovulation test indicates peak fertility (best time to conceive a baby).
  • A positive result indicates that you will likely ovulate within the next twelve to thirty-six hours.
  • Lovemaking should take place the day you receive your first positive result, as well as the following 3 days after.
  • A positive result is indicated when the test line is as bold or bolder than the control line.
  • You'll likely only see a positive lh test for just one day, perhaps two, and very rarely for three consecutive days. The duration of the lh surge is not long.
  • LH is produced by your body in the morning; therefore, you should use an afternoon or evening urine sample.
  • Hold your urine for about 4 hours or so before collecting a urine sample.
  • As the LH surge is sudden and passes quickly, some women elect to test twice daily.
  • Try to avoid flushing the body with liquids/frequent urination before ovulation testing.
  • Clomid can cause a "false positive result" if you test too early in your cycle.
  • Ideally, with ovulation tests, collect a urine sample at the same time each day and test daily (do not skip a day during the time you should be testing).
  • Follow instructions and make sure you begin daily testing when required. Women with different cycle lengths will start on different cycle days. For example if you have an "ideal" 28 day menstrual cycle, begin testing on cycle day 11.

- Can I Receive a positive lh test result and not ovulate?

Lh tests are a highly reliable and very accurate means by which to predict ovulation. Technically, there is a small chance you can have an lh surge and not ovulate, though this would be rare under most normal circumstances. The use of ultrasound by your doctor is actually one of the few means by which to actually "verify ovulation" is about to take place (or taking place). Many women who use ovulation predictor tests also fertility chart with a basal thermometer - and with good reason. A rise in your basal body temperature the day after ovulation takes place is an excellent way to verify that ovulation has occurred, and to predict fertility based on your menstrual cycle/O-date history.

- Can I Receive a negative lh test result and still ovulate?

Again, as the lh surge can be sudden and over in a flash, it is possible to receive a negative result and still ovulate. However, there are testing suggestions to help ensure the accuracy and reliability of tests. Most of these tips are covered in the bulleted points above. Most importantly, start testing when instructions indicate (based on your average cycle length); test at the same time every day; "hold your urine"; do not use a first morning urine sample (use later-day samples). If you have a very irregular cycle, you may consider using an ovulation microscope (which can be used for women with irregular cycles).

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I have been using a ovulation testing kit & it says I have been surging for 6 days. I've heard its not normal? Both lines are dark. I have been trying for two months & only had light bleeding last month. Ive taken pregnancy tests, they've been negative. Not sure what is going on?!

HI im 21 and iv been taking opk test for a month now and iv had all positive opk test, I thought i might be preg but the blood test and pee test come back neg. does anyone know whats with that? HELP!!!!

i had a positive reading for ovulation 19:15 last night and i did not have intercourse straight away in fact it will be 22hours after i tested positive before i do
am i likely to miss my chances of conceiving?

My basal body temp chart showed a surge on day 15 but the opk was positive on day 17 when the temp had already risen, does this mean I ovulated before the positive test? I usually ovulate day 18.

can I do sex on the day I see my heigh LH surge to conceive a baby boy?

Okay I do not have regular cycles at all and I have taken ovulation tests for years now and when they do register they are very faint most of the time, but the past two weeks I have tested everyday and for two solid weeks the test has been dark dark positive. What could this mean?

Hi I got my last periods on 16th jan 2013 then I started doing ovulation test on 26 jan 2013, I used to do test at 8.30 pm everyday same on 29th jan I got my test I again checked using different ovulation kit which is digital after 14 hours that means on 30th jan at 11 that time I got my ovulation test negative. Now I am confused?

Hi I just finished my period 5days ago and took an olvuation test and got a smily face but b4fore I took my period I kept gettin smily faces is this normal?

have a 24 day cycle, I got my period on Oct 16 2012, My next period is Nov 9 2012. I took a ovulation test and it was positive on day 11 & 12 (Oct 26th & Oct 27th) they were positive. I had sex on Oct 28th ( Day 13) but my test was negative can I still get pregnant?

I have a 24 day cycle, I got my period on Oct 16 2012, My next period is Nov 9 2012. I took a ovulation test and it was positive on day 11 & 12 (Oct 26th & Oct 27th) they were positive. I had sex on Oct 28th ( Day 13) can I still get pregnant?

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