Ovulation Spotting as a Natural Fertility Sign

Ovulation Spotting is defined as a very light bleeding that may accompany ovulation - though it is rather uncommon fertility indicator and can be easily missed (even if it occurs). Unless you are fertility charting and observing daily changes in cervical mucus, you may not even be aware of this secondary fertility sign.

The source of "ovulation spotting" is traced to the rupture of the ovarian follicle when the egg is released. When you ovulate, luteinizing hormone causes the surface of the ovarian follicle to weaken and disintegrate. This leads to the formation of a hole, or stigma, through which the egg will ultimately "escape" into one of the fallopian tubes. At this "midcycle moment", a residual trace of blood may accompany ovulation when the stigma ruptures.

The trace amount of blood that may appear due to the rupture of the follicle will not be red (like menstrual blood), but will rather exhibit a brownish or pinkish color. For example, you may see just a faint streak of pinkish blood intermingled with cervical fluids during your daily CM check.

During this "fertile phase" of your cycle, cervical mucus will likely be transparent and stretchy, like egg white. If you do happen to discover a small amount of blood at this time, note this light bleeding on your fertility chart as a possible indicator of ovulation. If this is indeed O-spotting, you should see your bbt temperature rising shortly thereafter. This bleeding should not last long, and if it persists for more than a few days, contact your doctor.

Ovulation spotting should not be confused with implantation bleeding (which will typically take place about a week after you ovulate). Implantation bleeding (also typically characterized by a light brown or pink spotting) is caused by the fertilized egg burrowing into the endometrium. While ovulation spotting may be viewed as a natural fertility indicator, implantation bleeding is considered an early pregnancy sign.

It should be emphasized that ovulation spotting is not one of the more common or reliable indicators of fertility. Like mittelschmerz (or midcycle pains), you should be aware of the possibility that these fertility signs may appear, even though many women will never experience these physiological symptoms.

To pursue a visual metaphor, there are a number of other ways to "spot ovulation" - or at least predict when ovulation will take place. Along with using a basal thermometer, you can observe daily changes in the texture and color of cervical mucus, as well as follow the rise and fall of the position of the cervix iteself. Into your daily fertility charting rituals, you can also selectively integrate effective testing methods like an ovulation microscope, urine ovulation tests, or a digital fertility monitor to anticipate when you will be at peak fertility.

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Hi i have pcos and been ttc for 2yr which is hard when i dont have period but the past four months i have had a regular 28 day cycle wer i get mittleschemerz .the first day of my last period 14/1/12 had intercourse 30/1/12 had slippery mucas and light spotting and yesterday and the day before along with mittlschemerz could this mean iv ovulated? If i get mittleschemerz with pcos does this mean iv actualy ovulated?

alright so i am very confused me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years , im only 19 i got pregnant about 2 years ago and had a miscarrage , i was suppose to get my period november 26th , which i never got. i started spotting 2 weeks before i was suppose to get my period so i started spotting on november 16th. i took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago and it came out negative. i woke up this morning and started spotting again can someone please help me whats going on ? am i pregnant ? am i having implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding , me and my bf have been having unprotected sex alot btw ive been having all the symtoms of pregnacy just a negative test from 2 weeks ago ???

And we also had vaginal sex too, and i thought i felt pre-cum go inside me before he pulled out.

Three days ago, i had sex unprotected. He came in my butt, as soon as i sat down, some of it leaked into my vagina(sorry if tmi) and a few days later which is today, i've been having some spotting which was a salmon light red-pink color along with cramp feeling in my uterine area, like twitch-like pain. I examined my cm and it was watery-almost dry, and the cramping is weird because i have already ovulated 4 days earlier and my cm was egg white, but today its almost dry. The spotting is unusual because im not expected to have my period for another week. What do you think is going on? Idk if its implantation bleeding cuz it averagely takes 6-10 days for the egg to implant itself to the uterine wall. I need advice!

I had a 27 day cycle and had sex on the 9,10,11 and the 15th day, and i've been trying for 3 months now so i will like to know if theres any chance of me being pregnant?

I'm confused so me and my husband our tyring for a baby we had sex plenty of times during my firtile days and when i ovulated on day 6 after ovulation i had pink when i wiped but only one then the next day i had light brown and spotted for 4 days it has now stopped im cramping alittle but not like the usual period cramps was that implantaion?

According to my calander I was on my high fertility days and just ended my period, I had sex and that night I whipped and there was a light brown discharge. This came and went lighly for about 3 days. Is this implantation or ovulation spotting?

Just looking for some advice please....
My fiance and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years
now and in the last 4/5 months I have been getting
light bleeding on my 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th day of my
fertile week. I just wanted to know if this is normal?

hi, im wanting a bit of advice i had a period 10 days ago it was a heavy period which lasted 5 days, yesterday i started bleeding again but only when i wiped after using the toilet im really worried as this has never happend before the colour is like a orange colour can you help my cycle is usually 28 days thank you

So I'm on here for my own reasons. According to my ovulation app, I spotted the day after my ovulation day. I have been feeling bloated, tired, achy, and the exact opposite of constipated. I still have 4 days before my period is due. Wish me luck, as I've been trying for the last year. A year and a half ago I had 2 ectopic pregnancies 3 months apart. One tubular one abdominal. My reason for saying this is because I was reading over the comments and noticed several people mention having their tubes tied and pregnancy symptoms. It is still possible to get pregnant with your tubes tied, and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. If you are one of these people you should get checked out by a doctor ASAP. I'm not a doctor, but due to my history, I have done a lot of research on this subject. I hope I have helped. God bless and best wishes to the rest of us trying to conceive.

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