Spinnbarkeit and Cervical Mucus

Spinnbarkeit is the "stringy and stretchy" quality of cervical mucus at the time just prior to ovulation. When a woman is most fertile, the mucus becomes abundant, clear, and stretchable – like “egg white”. Also referred to as “fertile cervical mucus”, it provides an ideal media for sperm. Following ovulation, cervical mucus may become “hostile”, due to the increase of the hormone progesterone and becomes resistant and impenetrable to sperm. By observing the quality of cervical mucus, you can predict when you are most fertile.

Pre-Seed can address the problem of dryness when you are trying to conceive, and products like FertileCM may help women produce abundant, fertile-quality cervical mucus. Both products can work together: Pre-Seed functions by providing sperm-friendly lubrication in the vagina, and FertileCM, containing L-Arginine, is designed to support the production of fertile cervical mucus in the cervix and cervical canal.

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My girl is around 2-3 weeks delayed with her period..she had a regular period..what bothers me is that she missed her period but she is having spinnbarkeit right now..is it possible for pregnant woman to have spinnbarkeit?i need your help..thank you..

You can't do anything to conceive a boy. The sex of the baby is determined by the sperm. All eggs are female, or x chromasome, the sperm is responsible for introducing a male, or y chromasome, to the mix.

i have a 32 day cycle & have polystic ovaries. I take clomid from day 3 for 5 days. Previously had my periods on the 25th of Dec, 27th Jan, 1st March & now again on the 1st of April. am so dissapointed as it isnt working out. I have again taken the tablet on the 3rd of April to the 7th April. I would like to know when i ovulate as i dont know what symptoms when i am on the tablet & when should i try to conceive a boy as i already have a girl. What foods are good to have a boy. I am desparate please help. I need your help as my partner wants to give up on having the baby. Hoping to hear from you soon. thanks samantha

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