Funny, that is the first word that comes to mind as I type my first ever blog post (and it comes out as a question no less)!
I (we) got married November 2, 2012. For a couple months before the wedding my friends would ask when we thought we would get pregnant... the honeymoon maybe? I knew for sure that wouldn't happen, because I would still be on BCP then, and only planned to stop using the patch when my prescription ran out a month after.
On Dec. 8/12 I removed my last patch... and immediately was overtaken by an emotion like I had never before witnessed... anticipation. I waited for AF which came right on time like always with the patch, I waited for the first time my husband and I would have our first real BD (which of course knowing the consequences was quite exciting). I then waited, and waited until I was on CD30 and took a HPT... BFN! and every two weeks after that, BFN.
I was actually starting to wonder if I was like a friend of mine who had been TTC last year unsuccessfully due to PCOS, until February 24th when finally AF happened (very heavy and painful, I had to have the heated wheat bag for some relief of the cramps which I had never had before). I was then very relieved, my hormones must have just needed some extra time to kick in after being on BCP for 8 years.
So again with all of the good intended anticipation I thought I was on track and everything was a go for launching the TTC plan. I started tracking my BBT (on a chart I made on excel, I even gave myself a 42 day window) thinking it may be just a little longer than 28-35 days again... was it ever!?
After surpassing the 42 days my home made chart had to offer, I downloaded an app on my iPhone to keep track of my never-ending cycle. On CD100 I saw my Dr. who ordered a blood test and scheduled a follow up a month later. Between my 2 Dr.'s appointments I went to see a holistic Dr. to see if he could help (my first time ever discussing AF with a man other than my husband, who at this point was wondering if I was broken!) I thought it might increase my odds having two Dr.'s working on the same thing for me.
On July 4th I saw my regular Dr. for the results of my blood test, nothing wrong with my blood, but a look at my hormone levels revealed an all over the map scatter shot... I got a prescription for provera to force AF to show up. After taking the 10 day dose I was prescribed and living on my holistic diet plan for a couple weeks my 140 cycle finally ended. July 14, 2013 I started my first regular cycle, and I say that with quite a bit of non-belief as I tracked BBT and even used OPK to see if and when I would ovulate (not wanting to be completely in the dark for another 140 days). Dr. had also sent me for an ultrasound (I'm sure to check for cycsts) and found "a sizable fibroid" and also a lot of happy little follicles just waiting to ovulate. After the results of my U/S I was sent again for another set of blood tests for CD 21 (I haven't got the results from last blood test yet) Just as I was about to give up on the whole thing and declare myself incapable of something so simple AF showed up and suddenly my chart made complete sense... there was an increase in temperature (not as big as I was expecting, but it was there) and I had missed 2-3 days with my OPK when I went away for an awesome color run. But AF was very light, and not painful at all... maybe the holistic approach is working for that? Anyway I see my Dr. on Sept.3 for results and hopefully be able to ask her some questions... if I remember what they are.


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