I know this was a popular topic in the previous forum so starting it again here! :) 

Where is everyone now on their journey? I feel like somehow we lost a few people, and lost touch for a few days. I loved reading where everyone was...

Currently 4 DPO and my temps are still up. YAY!! Thought I had the BBT all wrong, but so far my chart looks good! Symptoms? none yet. Last cycle was soo weird for me. It was shorter than I ever had, and odd symptoms right after ovulation, BBS sore, bloating, and crampy, sometimes nausea up until the dreaded AF. This time I feel like my old cycles.. which I hope is a good thing and last month my body was just all off! Only time will tell!! 

Horsegirl: Did you ever get a pos on your OPK yet? Or any indication you have OV'd yet?