Hello BabiesRUS, Molls, Amber and others.

Thought I would start up this thread as although we all have our own buddie groups it seems we are all sharing something similar over the next few months. (Hi Elizabeth hope I not doing anything wrong with this).

As far as I understand Diane has just sadly had a failed IVF but is planning to have another go soon with a couple of frosties?

Amber has started the IVF process and is due for egg retrieval in Oct?

Molls and I are heading towards egg retrieval late Nov.

And we all plan on being pg for Christmas.

Ladies, I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of queries. I read interestingly the debate between the transfer of 1 or 2 (sorry not sure on terminology yet). What do your DR think about it and how many do you plan to have transferred?

Also I read the debate about post transfer bed rest.. again what your DR's saying and what you planning to do?

Look forward to talking soon.... All welcome


Me 35, DH 44
TTC 5yrs (5yrs previous DH BFN)
Me low AMH @ 8.4 = Low fertility
DH Low S Morphology @ 5% normal = Low fertility
2 x IVF/ICSI.... BFN - bad eggs, advised to use donor eggs.
Gave up and moved on. Then conceived naturally but had missed miscarriage.