Pre-Seed Lubricant, a Research-Based Formula

Pre-Seed: Cervical mucus, sperm transport and clomid

Dr. JE Ellington, author of this article, is the visionary behind Pre-Seed. A fascinating product that was introduced just a few years ago, Pre-Seed met an important need: a sperm-friendly antidote to the vaginal dryness experienced by trying-to-conceive women.

Up until the advent of Pre-Seed, the problem of dryness had no fertility-friendly solution. Most lubricants acted as a barrier to conception, inhibiting the movement and transport of sperm or acting as a hostile medium and decreasing sperm motility. The solution was clear for Dr. Ellington, but it took years of research and development to provide a safe and effective product - Pre-Seed! Emulating cervical mucus - and providing the same sperm-friendly medium as cervical fluids - Pre-Seed was an instant hit among trying-to-conceive couples. say: "Thanks Dr. E!"

Getting the swimmers where they need to go!
By Dr. Ellington

After ejaculation, sperm have to be able to swim through the cervix to reach the Fallopian Tube where fertilization of the egg occurs. However, the interactions of sperm and cervical mucus that allow this migration are often disrupted in fertility patients. It is thought that at least a third (if not more) of sub fertile couples have some disruption of sperm-cervical mucus interactions that limit sperm transport to the tubes.

The importance of normal CM in natural reproduction is widely recognized. For most of a woman’s cycle the CM is a thick gel and hostile to sperm, with a low pH and a structure that stops sperm transport by the presence of closely spaced microfibers. During ovulation, however, the CM becomes more alkaline (higher pH), and the fibers align in parallel with an expanded distance between them. This allows the sperm to swim through the mucus. Normally, the volume of daily CM also increases 5 fold at ovulation. CM is a hydrogel of 90% water, and its primary function appears to be bathing sperm in a fluid medium to protect them during transport . The presence of sugar-proteins in the gel that hold the water is controlled by hormone changes at ovulation (especially the presence of estrogen). These sugars increase the mucus gel’s capacity to hold water, expand fiber spacing, & allow sperm migration. Taken together, these changes permit sperm to rapidly swim through the cervix and proceed to the Fallopian tube for fertilization.

In women with poor sperm-CM interaction there is a reduction in CM fiber spacing making sperm migration difficult, a primary cause of which in many women may be inadequate water in the gel. This may be caused by advancing age (with low grade hormonal disruptions); and following the use fertility medication such as clomiphene citrate (CC or clomid). CC is a widely prescribed fertility drug. In fact, it has become increasingly used as a first line therapy for couples with fertility issues. With easy internet access, many women are also taking CC without doctor oversight. Estimates are that 40% of couples with fertility problems utilize CC at some point for the woman. Although it’s wide spread use has helped many couples conceive, it does cause significant problems with vaginal dryness and CM production and function. Specifically, numerous studies have shown that CC causes decreases in: volumes of CM; quality of CM (“egg-white like appearance”); and sperm penetration into CM. In fact, women on CC are seven times more likely to have “hostile” CM that is difficult for sperm to penetrate than are women not on the medication.

Women on clomid also have an increased prevalence of vaginal dryness, which can cause pain at intercourse and decrease enjoyment for the man (which can decrease sperm counts). Many women on CC (which is already making them prone to poor sperm-cervical mucus penetration) are therefore also using lubricants that can harm sperm such as KY, Astroglide and Replens. These women may be creating a vaginal environment that limits sperm transport. Pre~Seed “sperm-friendly” Intimate Moisturizer can replenish vaginal moisture without harming sperm. A clinical trial is also planned to evaluate the effect of Pre~Seed on sperm and cervical mucus interactions, especially for women on Clomid.

Dr. JE Ellington, recipient of the 2003 International Young Andrologist Award for her research in sperm-Fallopian Tube physiology invented Pre~Seed through her work with infertile couples.

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We bought an OvaCue with the vag. sensor and used pre seed lubricant each time we did the deed. OvaCue predicted my fertile week and we knew exactly when to try. We got pregnant that first cycle! I have a lot of pre seed leftover and still use it as a lubricant whenever we have sex. I'd certainly recommend using this product.

Does preseed feel like a womens natural wetness and does it realy help women become pregnant

I used preseed this cycle. (also my first round of clomid 50mg) The lubrication was nice and it felt really good bd'ing but now one week later im having pains all around my lower area (pelvic, lower abd., inside vagina, also soreness in stomach) is this normal?Or is preseed not right for me? Or maybe it was the clomid because this cycle my ovulation was VERY painful.. (not usual) I couldnt even walk.. Is there anybody else like me???

hi i have been ttc for over 1year already ,im on my periods now,i bought pressed and im hoping to get a positive results like every1 in a first month of using it.

baby dust

after reading all these positive koments about the preseed i thot i wanna give it a try,, i been ttc in about 1 year without any luck,, and i just start using the preceed lub,, and feels so natural just lil bit burnin sensation though, anyway i hope preseed will help me concive, just like it heled others.

My husbands urologist explained since my husbands 2 botched foot surgeries at bethesda Naval this caused us to be infertile. The doc explained that sperm desparetely need white blood cells to be successful sperm but since his foot had an open wound for so many months the white blood cells were going toward fighting off the infection. This goes for any surgeries which he had 1 a yr. Doc said it takes exactly 3 months of every day to every other (depending on the med journal) of ejaculation to get sperm in order. We were told that we will never conceive, sadly after horrifying med news 4 my husband though i did conceive i miscarried but atleast i know even with my husband having a vaso then a reversal (caused him to have sperm anti bodies, sperm clumping best dealt w/ daily sex) and me being 37 and portly we still got pregnant. It hurts to not be preg but this is where you need to meet with God on a daily basis for strength He will give you what He knows you need it will be up to you to accept it. Whether in this lifetime or as fruity as it sounds, the next we will all be moms.

Me and my husband would like to try this and are wondering if this is as effective as Pegnacare Vitabiotics for conception? As we are taking them vito's would this preseed affect it any way?

my question is are u only supposed to use pre seed at ovulation time?i haven't ovulated in 2 mths since my miscarrage in may,and i was wondering if this would help meand my husband concieve?


Would you please tell me if it is safe for me using Pre-seed after having taken Clomid for 5 days and may I use it each time I have intercourse before and during ovulation or it can be used only once at ovulation?

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