Fertility after the Pill

The Pill and Fertility: Becoming Pregnant After The Pill

The advent of the birth control pill ushered in the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s - and to this day, the pill is a leading method in keeping fertility "in check" until the time is right to conceive a baby.

The pill functions by affecting female hormonal balance - inhibiting ovulation (the release of the ovum or egg by the ovarian follicle. By suppressing ovulation, no ovum or egg is available for fertilization.

There are three primary hormones responsible for regulating fertility and either supporting or hindering conception (luteinizing hormone, estrogen and progesterone). These female hormones facilitate ovulation - or they can contribute to the contraceptive aspect of the pill in suppressing ovulation. In taking the pill daily, you are providing your body with constant flow of estrogen and progesterone and your body is "tricked" into believing you are pregnant. In effect, when you take the pill, your hormone levels suggest a condition of pregnancy. The result: Your body decreases the production of hormones like LH that are necessary to the maturation of the egg and ovulation. Without LH, ovulation will not occur. (You may recognize LH as the hormone detected by ovulation tests).

The following are some key questions that women who are looking to conceive in the future may ask.

First, does taking the pill impact fertility in the future?

The good news is that the pill has not be shown to decrease fertility (though it may take some time after you discontinue the pill for hormones levels to regulate). This can be a source of frustration for women who want to become pregnant immediatley after they stop taking the pill!

How long does it take for fertility to return after I go off of the pill?

If you are planning a pregnancy, it is not unusual for the body to take 3 months to get "synchronized" after going off the pill. In rare instances, it may take as long as 6 months. FertilAid for Women is a product commonly used by women coming off the pill to help restore optimal reproductive hormonal balance quickly.

How will I know if I don't ovulate after I go off of the pill?

If you do not get regular periods after 6 months of being off the pill, you are probably not ovulating normally and should see a doctor. Other easy ways to determine if you are ovulating include ovulation predictor testing, basal body temperature monitoring, and checking various body signs.

What can I do to become fertile after taking the pill?

The key is good health, a sound, sensible diet, exercise and reading up on fertility charting and how to predict ovulation, your most fertile time of the month. Some fertility supplements like FertilAid can also assist.

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hi...i been on pill for 1 year ..i stopped at the end of nov and get my period normally on december..however despite have sex arounf my ovulation i didnt conceive..i get my period normally today..is this a prob??

I've been on the microgynon pill for 5 or more years not, just this month me and my husband had unprotected sex, he never came but I worry I may still get pregnant. the late time we had safe sex and the condom broke, I went right away to my nurse to get a morning after, only to find when she ask how long I had been on the pill she said I was be fine. Im a little confused as I know you can get pregnant on the pill, but I want to know why the nurse will not give me a morning after pill.

Please can some one explain why??

I want to have a baby so bad but I have irregular periods and I hate taking birth control but I want a baby so bad and so far I have heard birth control is something that takes time like I took myself off of birthcontrol and I have had a period since. April 2013 and I want a baby so bad and now its december 2013 and I want a. Kid so I was just asking for a. Opnion cause I want a baby so bad and want to maKe a family with my wonderful boyfriend that is my one and only should I take my birth control to help stimulate my perios or what

I started the pill sept 29 2013 and stopped taking it OCT 4. I had my period the OCT 7th for 5 days. Me and my bf have had sex almost everyday and he has finished in me could I be pregnant?

I just stopped taking the pill about a week and a half ago. Normally I start to bleed three days after not taking the pill. But this month that did not happen. I am currently having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Could that mean that I'm pregnant?

I was on the pill for 4 or 5 months. I just recently went off of it. I started a new pill pack for about a week and we decided to try to get pregnant again so I stopped taking it. 3 days later I got my period. I was wondering how to determine when I will be ovulating...I just had a period during taking the brown pills(last week of pill pack) 2 weeks ago. the cases I'v read up on are anywhere from 2 weeks to a year to get pregnant after you discontinue birth control but there are several cases that get pregnant the first month. We were going to try for a girl so we have to be intimate 3-4 days prior to ovulation day. How can I determine this for sure? Please help.

I've been been using the pill for 4years and went off the pill this year jan 2012 beacuse my fiance and I are ready to start a family after our 10years relationship! A lot has been preventing us to do so as I was also studyn! Now we are more dn ready...iv bn to d docter and told I'll b irregular for some time but this worried me so went back to docter and got pills to help regulate! Sometimes my period comes, but sometimes it doesn't! I ws tld not 2 stress n relax but its 10months off the pill now but stil not preggies Sad its reali fustratin and frnds and family having their. Second children just upsets me n my fiance encourages me but I knw he's stressing about it too! Is ds normal? Plz advice...I need hope!

I was on the pill for about 8 years before I stopped to get pregnant. I thought it would take us a year or so to get pregnant, but I got pregnant in the first cycle after stopping the pill. I'm hoping to do the same this time, but we'll see!!! Wish me luck! Smile

So, I was only on birth control for 2 months. I came off of it october 4th and started my period on the 8th. At first i thought it was withdrawal bleeding but it lasted until the 14th like a normal period. Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex throughout this time. The last time was six days before I was SUPPOSE to ovulate but, they say those arent always correct. I am having pregnancy symptoms like (really hungry but have no appitite, extremely thirsty, bigger nipples, maybe even a little darker, tired, a little sick feeling but im also stressed) I tried a pregnancy test but it was negative and I havent taken another one because it upset me. Could I just be imagining things or am I most likely pregnant???

I was taking the pill for 6 years and came off it 3 months ago. I have been lucky (if lucky is the right word) and have had regular periods.
I think i am ovulating now as I have lower cramps. I do feel tired but have made myself believe i am pregnant, could I be?
Any advice would be great!

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