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Hello!same here,Iam new to this and am very confused.I need to know what is going on with me.I had 3 children,and I cant seem to remember anything about this.My last period was on June 20,2011 and before I get it I am usually dry,I guess.I dont remember what the stages of ovulation are,sorry.This time I am really wet down there and have had vaginal mucus that was white and egg looking and stretchy at cetain times of the month within the last week or two.This is where I am confused.I normall have a period about every 25 days.Ok,May 6,2011 was on the 25 day and lasted 5 days,that was normal.Then the 14th I had some thick brown mucus,and the 15th.The 21st,I had pains in my stomach,20thThere is intercourse too.May 30th started again,that was 25 days normal lasted 4 days.IC is intercourse.June 5,6,8,9,10,12,15,18,23,24,27,29 then on June 20th only 22 days into cycle I started lasting only 3 days.Starting July 30th very tired,July I cant figure out now.I am lost IC 2,4,7,8.Increased tiredness and other symptoms.If I go by 22 days I should have started on July 11.And I have started on 23 days a couple of times and that would have been the 12th.No sign.I have had weird pains in my stomach all around it and itching on it.Breast itchyness,lower backache,gas,nausea,Well now it leaves today the 13th and tomorrow the 14th to start.I dont know what do people think?Please help.

Hey Everyone My Names Erica Im 17 Years Old AndI Will Be 18 In July. I Have A Question About Pregnancy!? Im New Too This Soo Be Nice Plz Smile
Well Let Me Start Off By Telling You My Situation, Me And This Guy I Have Been Seeing For About Almost A Year Now Had Sex On November 27th Around 10:00 At Night , And He Ejaculated In Me. Im Going To Take It Back Now, I Started My Period On The 17th Of November And Ended On The 21st My Cycle Is Only 5 Days And Im Pretty Regular. I Noticed That I Was Starting To Get That Mucas Stuff ( Ovulation ) It Was White Thick Looking About 3-4 Days After My Period Ended. The Day After We Had Sex My Mucas Turned Egg White.. I Been Reading That When It Looks Egg White Your Most Fertile , AndThat Sperm Can Live In You For Dayss Especially If Your Ovulating An Fertile. Is There Any Channce I Could Be Pregnant?!?
*Also I Just Read On Some Ovulation Calculator That My Fertil Days Are 28,29, & 30th. Idk If That Makes Any Difference Or Not.. Plz Help! Thanks

u could be pregnant but just go to the doctor and get a check up first ......... and sometime if u think your pregnant you have symptoms but it just could be cause u want to be pregnant......

I am 24 years old. I had a Etopic last year. My boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant again. I started my period on the 3 July 2009 and ended on the 8 July 2009 and then had my period again on the 13 July and ended on the 18 July, this is the first time I had it twice but my period have been irregular for 3 months now ( very light flow). I also have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms am I pregnant or is there something wrong. Pls help me?

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