Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms 101 (by Trimester)

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Different women experience pregnancy in different ways. Pregnancy symptoms may vary in intensity and duration - and some women may not experience some common pregnancy symptoms at all.

Following implantation of the egg, however, the body undergoes many changes, and the levels of several hormones increase drastically. Pregnancy symptoms typically do not appear until 1-2 weeks after you miss your period - and fetal movement is not typically detected until 16 weeks post-conception. Earliest symptoms include:

    * Implantation bleeding 8-10 days after ovulation.
    * An elevated BBT temperatures for 18 days.
    * A missed menstrual period. Note that even before your missed period, you can test for pregnancy with high sensitivity early detection pregnancy tests that allow you to determine a positive result as early as 7-10 days past ovulation.

The First Trimester: Week 1 - Week 12

  • Lower abdominal cramps.
  • Food cravings.
  • Nausea or "Morning sickness" - 3-10 weeks after conception.
  • Tender, swollen breasts - 3-4 weeks after conception.
  • Your nipples and the area around the nipples get darker and wider.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Fatigue and tiredness - 3-10 weeks after conception.
  • You may have heartburn and constipation - along with headaches.
  • Mood swings.

Other Early Symptoms of Pregnancy in Detail

  • Cravings for Particular Foods

Desiring particular or unusual types of food is a well known pregnancy symptom. About 85 percent of women report at least one food craving during pregnancy.

  • Implantation Cramping and Spotting

Following ovulation by 8 days, women may experience cramping and slight spotting - caused by the recent implantation of the egg in the uterine lining.

  • Frequent Urination

Following implantation, frequent urination is a common symptom.

  • Fatigue, Headaches, and Heartburn - and Morning Sickness

For many women, early symptoms of pregnancy can be a bit perturbing. Fatigue is common, as are headaches and heartburn. And then there is morning sickness - the second most well know pregnancy symptoms after "food cravings". Increases in progesterone can also cause feelings of tiredness.

  • Basal Body Temperature

If you are charting your Basal Body Temperature, and your BBT remains high - and continues to remain high for 15 days or more without a period - this is a clear symptom of pregnancy.

  • hCG Testing

Home Pregnancy Tests are available online and at your drugstore. A positive result will confirm your suspicions! Some FDA approved tests (available online) are particularly sensitive, allowing you to determine pregnancy as early as 7-10 days past ovulation.

The Second Trimester: Week 13 - Week 26

Here is what you can expect to experience during your second trimester:

  • Weight gain - and, after 16 weeks, fetal movement!
  • Dryness of the skin on the stomach. Feelings of tightness.
  • Breasts become larger.
  • Continued heartburn and constipation.
  • Edema - or the swelling of your ankles, hands, feet, and face.
  • A dark line may appear between your belly and pubic regions.

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Well Im 16, and my boyfreind is 17, we had unproteccted sex a cupple days ago, and he came inside of me, i know im young, and i dont knoe whn i get ovulation, im not really scared, but i just wanna know if could be pregnate, and ive been having some creamy white goo coming out of down low, and it kinda itches but nnot so much, i dont know if its a yeast and fection or what, why i just want to know whats going on with me..?

Me and my husband realy wanna have a baby I've been trying to conceive but nothing happens... i did drinking while trying to conceive and I quit..My last period was on the 5 of october and I was intimet with my husband on the 16 of October... I been feeling tired and have mood swings. Could I be Pregnat?

i have had a baby hes 15 months and im still nursing.
i had sex 5 days before my expected period. the condom came off.and then again 2 days later and the condom broke.. my period came a day late and then when it came it was normal so i used a tampon and just about passed out and felt rly sick so i didnt use them and the next day my period was lighter and then lighter the next day. so after that i spotted for a day and then it went away. its been gone for like 3 days but today when i pee'd there was a small amount of pink when i wiped. ? its weird. i have been feeling quite sick mostly at night tho. i dno whether i am pregnant or not im quite worried! i didnt think i could get pregnant only 5 days before my period. cuz thats not when u ovulate. any advice would be great!! thankyou. i have also been exercising trying to lose weight from the first pregnancy so i dno if it can harm the baby if i am pregnant or if thats why my body's feeling so strange.

hello i am 33 year old and 1/1/2 have passed since i got married and i have also cronic infection of e.coli . iused to take medicine of e.coli but did not get improvement so i am not takin gpill of e. coli i have very small cycst in left side of ovary and ihave also pain in my lower abdomen and also in the path urin i am not getting frequent urine i have only three times tried for a child but did not get any result can i be pregnent plz help me plz give me reaply very soon.

my age is33 1/1/2 have passed since marriedbut also uti infection also very small cycst in left ovary we have only 3 times try for child can i be pregnent plz help me and me answer very soon.

My usual day when I get my period is on the 20th of every month (if not then on the
21st) my fiance and I had sex on the 8th of october and a few other days around that time and my last period was on the 20th of november,
it is very rare for me to be late or to miss a period. I did have abdominal pains, but no spotting, I have had terrible mood swings aswell as tender breasts and feeliing slightly bloated and fatigue.
Here is where the trick comes in, I have taken two home pregnancy tests and both have shown negative?!?! Is it possible that its to early to tell? Now that I'm late with my period should I try another test?
Please advise me on what I can do.
Kind regards

My husband and I have been married for about 2 years and 7 months for the last 2 years we have been trying to get pregnant but nothing happened. Around August 27, 2010 was my last period ( but I don’t have regular periods ) two days later I got a UTI or a bladder infection. The infection maybe went away by the 10th of September and me and my husband had intercross maybe a day or two after. After that I have had a little bit of back pain, light brownish reddish spotting and Im really craving muffins and fries lol. I’m also some times dizzy and im having camps all the time… I took a pregnancy test on the 8th of October but it was negative. I really feel like im pregnant could I still be pregnant?? Please advice. Thank you

I came on my period on 17th august by the 20th i was in agony and i was loosing quite a lot of clots and blood TMI i know and didnt come off till the 24th then my next period came on the 21st september which was unpainful and really light for 4-5 days then on the 3rd october i started getting cramp and light spotting brown then pinky the cramp has lasted ever since ive had a dull ache in my left side and heartburn ive been feelingunder the weather really tired eating more and bad headaches i came on same time as my friend at work last month and she came on yesterday but my cycle maybe different can anyone tell me whats wrong with me?

I am 17yrs old. I know that is young... my boyfriend is 20. Our condom broke on the 12th of october and my period was supose to be on the 16th. I've nver missed a period before in my life since I was 11 yrs old.

Could I be pregnant?

I'm getting cramps, I spotd once in one day, and many othr things...

my boyfriend and I are going to take a test soon but we want to wait till it'll show on a test.

I had my last period on 16 of August, me and my boyfriend have been having unprotective sex after my last period and when September came, I had my period on 6, but it was very light, like spotting a little. It was brownish and then little red and it lasted for three days and then I started have morning sickness, back pain, headaches, sleep a whole lot, food cravings, mood swing,lower cramping and heartburn and etc. I haven't came on for the month of October yet. Could I be pregnant and can it be more than a week?

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