Pregnancy Test Faint Lines and Evaporation Lines

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The Two Big Pregnancy Test Questions:
1) How Early Can I Test for Pregnancy?
2) What Does a Faint Line Mean on a Pregnancy Test?

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How Early Can I Test for Pregnancy?
One question women frequently ask when trying to conceive is: How long do I have to wait before I can take a pregnancy test? Though hCG is produced at different rates in different women, there are general timelines for deciding when to test. However, when testing on the early side, do not rely on one test for conclusive results - especially a negative result: the hCG threshold for displaying a positive result on a home pregnancy test may not yet have been reached.
Early Detection Pregnancy Tests
When a woman becomes pregnant, the amount of hCG in her system should be around 25 mIU at 10 dpo (days past ovulation), 50 mIU at 12 dpo, 100 mIU at around two weeks dpo (these are averages that may deviate among different women). Test sensitivity equates with early-detection - and the lower the number, the sooner a test can detect pregnancy. At 20 MIU test sensitivity, you can begin testing at 7-10 days post ovulation, though the earlier you begin testing, the higher chance you have of getting a false negative. carries early-detection pregnancy tests capable of detecting just 20 miu/ml hcg.
Here, implantation of the fertilized egg needs to take place before hCG is produced by the developing placenta, and that generally occurs at 6-10 dpo. If you decide to test early, make sure you perform a few follow-up tests every other day using first morning urine. Your hCG levels should rise exponentially, doubling every 2 days - which means that the follow up tests should eventually detect pregnancy if you are, in fact, pregnant.

For earliest detection of pregnancy, use first morning urine, as this urine sample contains the most concentrated amount of hCG. If using first morning urine is not feasible, avoiding urination for several hours before using a pregnancy test.
 Faint Line
A faint color band in the test area of a pregnancy test indicates, in most circumstances, a positive result for pregnancy.
However, a faint line appearing after the designated reaction time of the test may be an "evaporation line".
What Does a Faint Line Mean on a Pregnancy Test?
On a pregnancy test, a faint test line - or color band - is usually indicative of a positive result, as long as it's read within the time frame - or reaction time of the test (usually at 5-10 minutes). If you perform the pregnancy test properly and read results within the recommended time frame, then a faint or weak color band in the test area is very likely a positive pregnancy test.

Evaporation Lines
Evaporation lines, however, can confound results if tests are not interpreted within the clinically recommended time frame. An evaporation line develops when the urine on the test area begins to dry, leaving a faint, usually colorless line. Evaporation lines appear to show up (or not show up) as a result of the composition of the particular urine specimen - and they may appear on any test regardless of brand.

Explanations for Faint Positives
  • Testing Too Early: If you test too soon, hCG may not be at a sufficient level for test detection. See the section above on determining when to take a pregnancy test.

  • Low Test Sensitivity: Different tests detect hCG at different levels, from 20MIU to 100MIU or more. 20 MIU tests will display a faint line when when hCG levels are at 20 MIU, while less sensitive tests will display a negative result. At 50 MIU levels, a 20 MIU test will show a stronger color band while a 50 MIU test will show a very faint band.

  • Dilution of Urine Specimen: Urine specimens may be diluted due to frequent urination or consumption of liquids. First morning urine is recommended for pregnancy testing as it contains the most concentrated presence of hCG.

  • Chemical pregnancy: Sometimes an early pregnancy is detected - followed by negative test results. A chemical pregnancy means implantation takes place (hCG is produced for a short time) followed by a miscarriage (generally, before any other pregnancy symptoms are detected).

  • Evaporation Lines: Always read your test results within the test reaction time (usually 5 minutes) as evaporation lines can develop as the urine dries on the test area. Evaporation lines appear to show up (or not show up) as a result of the composition of the particular urine specimen - and they may appear on any test regardless of brand.
Remember, a pregnancy test does not function like "light switch" - and just turn on: different hCG levels will produce different gradients of color bands (from very light, faint lines early in pregnancy to dark, rich color lines later on as hCG develops).
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What an informative write up it is! I am searching for a long time for this type of content about pregnancy test which is very valuable for me. Thanks for this nice review and keep me updating about new information of pregnancy! Smile

Hi, I've had pregnancy symptoms for about a week or so feeling sick extremely tierd metallic taste in my mouth bloating etc, I took a pregnancy test this morning and saw a extremely faint line so I asked my partner to take a look and he said he could see it too but then this afternoon my period has started I have a little cramping in my stomach but nothing major.
I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks in January I'm hoping this time there is a possibility I'm pregnant. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please

I took a test aug. 20th and I got a positive result ... The thing is it was a clear blue and the positive line came up faint but looked a little pink . Does that mean its still positive or is it negative? The second test did the same thing... Could the test just been bad?

Hey, I am really confused atm, I took a clear blue pregnancy test the other day and one line was blue but the other was a faint brownish colour and I don't know weather it means pregnant or not or something else? Any answers?

I had a period in june and it was normal well in july it was late and i took a pregnancy test and it came out positive that was in the evening but the line was very faint with in the time limit... so i took one in the morning cause they say that first morning pee is the most accurate and it was a faint positive... well then the next morning i took another to make sure and it was negative and i took another that evening and it was negative also my two postives was first response and two negatives was clear blue... well i ended up starting a light period a couple days later on a saturday and it was so light for the fist couple days i didnt have to wear a tampon or anything.. then it got a little heavier well now in sept i havent had a period since the light on july 28th could have i been pregnant the whole time. the only reason i am worried is because i layed in the tanning bed for almost a month.

I had evaporation line on my test yesterday and today a very light spot (implantation?).
Could the evaporation line show up because I implanted?
Also, the line on the pregnancy test showed after only 2 minutes.

My period was due on june 28, bt it didnt arrive to july 1 and when it did come on i was very light and stayed only two days ,i have took eight hpt only one was positive idk what to believe because it was almost 10hrs later when i looked at the test because i took it at a waffle house when i took it so i just stuck it in my purse,bt anyways im having all the signs of begin pregnant ,i didn't have dis problem wit my daughter,can sumbody help me plez.

I'm 2weeks late and I've tookn 4 pg test and they all have came bak neg. I'm pretty acc on when I'm going to start my period. My last one was the 6th of june. Could I be preg?

Hello I have the mirena. I began feeling sick last week so I took the test just to see because I never get my period. I took the test and it was negative. I took another one that night and it came out one bold band and a faint band. I took one again this evening and it was was one line. What is this mean?

I did a pregnancy 5 days early before my period was due. I used all kind of pregnancy testers but none of them gave me accurate results, all came negative or faint lines, then I tried clearblue digital tester which was so simple for me it said I'm pregnant 1-2 weeks. Wow! I'm so proud mum with baby girl Anisha born 7/3/2012! Weighed 7lb 3oz.

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