Progesterone and Fertility

Fertility & Progesterone

Progesterone is recognized as a vital female hormone central to successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. The word "progesterone" is itself etymologically related to the Latin root gestare - meaning to bear or carry - suggesting the importance of this hormone in creating a fertile environment for conception and the continuing development of the embryo. (Many women report that FertilAid for Women has helped normalize their progesterone levels. Additionally, many women indicate that external adminstration of a natural progesterone cream such as FertileBalance can be beneficial.)

In short, progesterone is a female sex hormone that is secreted by the corpus luteum to prepare the endometrium for implantation of the fertilized egg. Following implantation off the egg, the developing placenta signals the body to produce progesterone and prevent rejection of the developing embryo or fetus. Without this continuuing progesterone production, the endometrium would shed and menstruation would ensue. Therefore, progesterone plays a significant role in reproduction. Thus, progesterone...

  • Helps create a fertile, warm environment in the womb and promotes the survival of the fertilized egg through healthy implantation.
  • Strengthens and maintains the secretory endometrium which sustains the embryo throughout pregnancy.
  • Prevents the premature shedding of the secretory endometrium (menstruation).

As progesterone forestalls the shedding of the endometrium (where embryo implantation occurs), low progesterone levels - or a significant drop in progesterone levels - during the first few weeks of pregnancy may correspond with miscarriage.

Here, progesterone plays a 'secretory’ role in the reproductive organs. It stimulates changes in the uterus and supports pregnancy by increasing blood vessel and tissue development in the endometrium.

Progesterone, Fertility, and Reproduction

During a woman's cycle, progesterone levels rise rapidly at ovulation to provide a fertile environment for the fertilized egg. Here, progesterone is also responsible for the increase in body temperature at ovulation that lasts through most of the luteal phase. Beginning with ovulation, the corpus luteum produces progesterone for several days (and the concomitant temperature increase is in most cases easily measurable through methods of BBT/fertility charting).

If fertilization and implantation take place, the placenta takes over the role signalling progesterone production and in further maintaining a supportive environment for embryonic and fetal development. If fertilization does not occur, progesterone levels fall dramatically (usually after 10-12 days) triggering the shedding of the secretory endometrium (menses).

Because progesterone is essential in preventing the shedding of the secretory endometrium, a significant drop in progesterone levels during the first 10 - 12 weeks of pregnancy may result in a miscarriage.

Addressing the Issue of Low Progesterone Levels

Low progesterone can be detected by a blood test after ovulation or by charting fertility. Another sign of low progesterone is a shortened luteal phase that lasts less than 10 days.

There are several things you can do to boost deficient progesterone levels. Clearly, visiting a doctor to discuss the nuances of a particular issue may be the best first option. However, a fertility supplement, like FertilAid for Women, may help to bring progesterone levels into an ideal range for achieving pregnancy.

Women with a history of miscarriage can also use natural progesterone cream as soon as they know they have ovulated, to supplement their own progesterone; however, natural progesterone creams should not be used until ovulation takes place. Consult your physician for more information on the benefits of progesterone and uses/applications.

Other Applications of Progesterone

Progesterone has many other functions, among them protecting against fibrocysts, helping the body use fat for energy, and helping normalize blood clotting and blood sugar levels. Today, many health professionals claim that the symptoms associated with PMS and menopause are due not so much to estrogen, but to a deficiency of progesterone and an overabundance of estrogen. It is believed that progesterone balances estrogen and that an overproduction of estrogen can lead to health problems. However, consult your physician if you have any questions about using natural progesterone creams.

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Hi, i am 30. We r trying to have baby now. We started trying from nov12. I missed my period that month which was due on 14 nov. did pregnancy test at home it came -ve. Went to doc and did blood test that also came -ve. Doc told me i m pcos. She gave me medicine to have periods. I got my periods on 1 dec, that is 15 days delayed. Also i am taking glucophage twice a day. Now this month also i missed my period. The due date was 1 jan. today is 6th day i missed it. This time also the pregnancy test came -ve. I dont know whats happening. If i am not ovulating atleast i should get my periods. Andd yes i have low progesterone 0.6

Please help.

Hi, i am trying to get pregnent. We started trying on nov 12. And i missed by period. After 1 week i did pregnancy test at home but came -ve. Went to doc and did blood test. That showed -ve too. My doc that i am pcos. And low projesterone. I took medine to get period and got it after 15 days. Now i am taking glucophage twice a day. This month again i missed my period. Today is 6th day for missed period. I did pregnancy test and again it came -ve. I dont know whats happening. If i m not ovulating, at least i should get my periods.

Please help

Hello me and my husband have been ttc. For over a year. I got my lmp. On November 17th then had levels drawn day 21 witch was December 7th. The doctor called and said I wasn't ovulating that I should call when my period comes and he'd start me on clomid. So I waited it never came. I got a positive on a pee stick. Gave blood and it'd positive. How can that b if I didn't ovulate?

You said you have a progesterone level of 6? Are you pregnant now? If so 6 is a little low to be in eary pregnancy it should be above 15.

Hello Ladies! Like most of you I too have miscarried. I have 3 boys all 2yrs apart and I have miscarried 3 times, 1 yr. after each child. Each pregnancy I ost I had ow progesterone levels, My Dr. wouldnt do anything because I havent had 3 in row. Well one miscarriage is too much and what Dr.s Dont tell you is that ow progesterone is one of the main causes of miscarriages. My last miscarriage was actually twins, one was in my uterus and one was in my lleft fallopian tube. I had to have my tube removed and lost both babies. Low progesterone also increases your chances for having an etopic pregancy. I am so mad I was never informed about any of this from any of my Dr.s. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do tons and tons of research. I am now using progesterone cream to prevent any more miscarriages. Its perfectly safe and its actually safer than the sythetic stuff you get from the drs. If you ladies get some just make sure you get USB biodentical progesterone cream that is paraban free. I use progestelle. Its an oil and it ony contains progesterone and cocoanut oil. Works great. I also heard serentiy works good. Well hope this helps. Gook luck ladies!

my progesterone level is 6,plz advise,,can this level affect pregnancy

i am 20 years old and trying to become pregnant for 11 months. i get regular periods and ovulate every month. my docter thinks i have low progesterone. he keeps making me go for blood to see if ive ovulated and then he will put me on progesterone. what do you think?

I ovulated on 7th march 2012 n we had sex from 2nd to 6th bt i had to travel bak to work. Wat r my chances of conceivin bcz of late am so hungry n very dizzy, moody n very tired. Pliz help

I believe that I am pregnant but not sure. I have all the symtoms but my test keep showing negative. I am having pains but the doctor told me to wait another 2 weeks because it is too soon. I am worried because it will be my first and I have been very sick and moody. my doctor act like I should not be concern because everything look good. but I need to know if I have ENOUGH PROGESTERONE IN MY BODY. i had blood work done but I do not know the result. I really want to be pregnant and I am praying that I am. Should purchase some progesterone now. It has been 3weeks since I missed my period and I am having warm feelings in my breast and in my stomach. I am smelling everything, my stomach is cramping, my breast are tender and tingling, I am tired, moody, sleepy, and want to cry sometimes. Please tell my what to do.

my 1st miscorraged on feb 2011. that period my projesteron level is 12. after washing we are trying to again a baby. although still not success. pl: can you advice what we do for this. we want baby ASAP.

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