Mittelschmerz: A Sign of Ovulation

Mittelschmerz (in German, literally, "middle pain") is also known as midcycle pain. Mittelschmerz is a lower-abdominal pain that typically takes place around CD14 or so, near the time when a woman ovulates.

Not every woman will experience mittelschmerz, but is is something to look for as a natural fertility sign when you are charting. If you experience mittelschmerz, note it on your fertility chart. Only 20% - 30% of of women will have mittelschmerz or ovulation pains - and please note that mittelschmerz may occur before, during, or even after ovulation.

What causes ovulation pains?

The source of mittelschmerz pain may have a few possible causes. It could be follicle growth stretching the surface of the ovary around the time of ovulation. Also, the pain may be traced to irritation of the abdominal lining caused by fluids that escape when the egg is released from the follicle. Mittelschmerz pains can take place on one side or the other - and the the pain can alternate sides, or stay on one side. Different women experience different pains.

Though mittelschmerz is not an entirely reliable symptom of ovulation, as it may take place before or after ovulation, it is a natural fertility sign that should be recorded in your fertility chart. If you have questions regarding mittelschmerz - or if your are concerned that the cause of pains may be other than ovulation - do consult with your doctor.

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In response to the "Anonymous" question about week long ovulation pain--I never had ovulation pain until after baby #6. Since then, I have had ovulation pain that lasts for several days, up to a week or so, until I ovulate. Sometimes it is a dull ache and sometimes it is quite sharp.

has anyone had ovulation pain last longer than a week?

Hi, I got my first shot of Depo Provera in December 2009, then second in March 2010, the first shot I had just a few pimples on my face and only spotted for less than a day. After the second shot I got spotting for 3 days light, then mood swings, increase of appetite. I didn’t get my third shot in June because my husband and I wanted to start a family. The mood swing and appetite wore off by September and I was on a 5 day dose of Provera to get period back, but after two weeks it did not return. In Oct. my nipples were sore for 2 days then nothing for about a week, then light spotting for a day in a half. Never had sore nipples before a period. I just got blood work done and my estrogen is a little low, but everything else is normal. I have some pain in the abdomen, which means eggs maybe releasing. Doctors say my ovaries are still sleeping. When will this Depo wear off so that I can get pregnant?

1 week after my period had ended-around ovulation time, I woke up about 6am, Oct 1, 2010 for a pee, laid back down, and this excruciating pain hit me. The pain was in the middle of my lower abdomen and it felt someone had my uterus in their hands or a vice grip, it was a pulsating pain, breath taking, I was almost in tears and could not move, this continued for about 10 minutes.

After this 'attack' there was like an intense cramp, and moved upwards as hours passed on. By a couple hours later it felt like I had a full soccer ball in my stomach full with poison. I could not move for almost 48 hours, walking hurt, laying down hurt, even turning from side to side, it was pain like I have never experienced before. I went to the DR. and they took urine and blood and did tests which came out clear, he pushed down on my stomach to ask where it hurt more, it was mostly middle pain but pain everywhere near my stomach, and ended up having no idea what was wrong with me, sent me home with 2 percocets for the pain.

During this 48 hrs I also lost my appetite, I ate soup, crackers, yogurt. I am still seeking to find out what this could have been and how I can prevent this from happening again.

For another example, you know how much your stomach hurts after vomiting for 24 hours from a stomach flu? This pain was similar, very intense.

If anyone has a similar experience to this or any feedback, I would appreciate it.

Hi. I am not on b/c. Went off a couple months ago and started using condoms instead so my body can prepare for pregnancy. According to online ovulation calculators, I was suppose to ovulate on July 23. We had intercourse, around midnight the start of July 24, without a condom for a few minutes, but then put a condom on before he finished. 2 days ago (26th) my ovary area on my right side felt achey. Then yesterday, out of nowhere/suddenly, in my stomache area below my belly button, an intense cramp came on (felt like a contraction/hardcore menstrual pain). It started light, got extremely intense (to where I couldn't stand up/and it made me feel a little breathless). Lasted maybe 3-5 minutes then faded and went away. There was lower back pain associated with it too. I am not and have not bleed at all. My period is due Aug 5/6.

Just a side note, I have issues with my right side before...not just in my ovary area but on my right side in general. Used to have excrutiating pain once a month in the ovary area a few years ago. Don't have that anymore but the ache on the 26th in that area felt like the beginning/start of the pain I use to have. Didn't get that intense though. Plus, my side under my rib cage aches in general when am working out and near an empty stomache. Have had every test known to man done on me and I am perfectly normal.

What are your thoughts about this?

Ok so been trying to concieve for a couple months now. As stated on many websites, it could take 6 months to a year to get pregnant. I've had past experiences 2 years in a row where in the month of Jan. I will take a pregnancy test and it will come out positive. The next day though, negative. I have had a false positive on bloodwork as well. Have not had regular periods since I've been off the shot(BC) so I've been going by my cervical mucuous to tell whether I'm ovulating or not. Nothing is working. Anybody have any suggestions?

Hi i have been getting ovulation pains for about the last year now, i am 23 and have never had the pains before but apparently they can occur at anytime or age in your life even if you have never had them before! I dont get a pain on 1 or either sides though i just have a heavy achy crampy pain all across my lower abdomen like when you are just about to start a period. its not really painful just annoying, i have been told it is most likely to be ovulation pains, i went to see a nurse because i was worried. I feel abit more reassured now, and i am hoping i fall pregnant soon i have been trying for 2 months, i could be pregnant now to be honest as my period hasnt come yet and i am a couple of days late!!! Fingers Crossed, not testing yet as i was 5 weeks pregnant with my little girl before i tested positive, i had to wait till i was 2 weeks late from my period and it was still a very faint line. Baby Dust to all xx

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Im married since 1 year ago ,till now my not pregnant .We consult doctor and taking tablets for about 7 months but no effect ,the only thing changed after treatment is regular periods at the same date 21 st of every month.Every month i will stomach pain before 1 week of my period due date .We undergone follicular study and egg ruptured on 3/11/09.My last month periods date was on 21/12/09 .This month im having stomach pain very much earlier on the date from 2/1/2010 ,so im relly confused about the pain ,whether i would to normal pain or pregnancy signs or period symptoms ,.Please clear my doubt mam.Im also having headache,stomach pain,backpain etc. Please reply me soon and also say me sum tips.

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