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Mittelschmerz: A Sign of Ovulation

Mittelschmerz (in German, literally, "middle pain") is also known as midcycle pain. Mittelschmerz is a lower-abdominal pain that typically takes place around CD14 or so, near the time when a woman ovulates.

Not every woman will experience mittelschmerz, but is is something to look for as a natural fertility sign when you are charting. If you experience mittelschmerz, note it on your fertility chart. Only 20% - 30% of of women will have mittelschmerz or ovulation pains - and please note that mittelschmerz may occur before, during, or even after ovulation.

What causes ovulation pains?

The source of mittelschmerz pain may have a few possible causes. It could be follicle growth stretching the surface of the ovary around the time of ovulation. Also, the pain may be traced to irritation of the abdominal lining caused by fluids that escape when the egg is released from the follicle. Mittelschmerz pains can take place on one side or the other - and the the pain can alternate sides, or stay on one side. Different women experience different pains.

Though mittelschmerz is not an entirely reliable symptom of ovulation, as it may take place before or after ovulation, it is a natural fertility sign that should be recorded in your fertility chart. If you have questions regarding mittelschmerz - or if your are concerned that the cause of pains may be other than ovulation - do consult with your doctor.

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Hi ,
This condition is called mittelschmerz.Ive had it since 7 years.It took me quite some time to figure it out (nearly 3 years).
The magic treatements is this small pill called "Birth Control"
Its god's gift for those who suffer from this rare condition.
Ive spent 3 of my beautiful years under this pain.No one should go through it without knowing what it is and how to prevent the pain......

I had pain lasting from the day i ovulate till i get my periods...every month for 3 years....nobody knows when u get it and where.......the pain for me started in the pelvic region and radiated to the left side of my lower back.
"no pain killers worked for me" .....
Please consult your ob/gyn and take the birth control pill as suggested by her/him and be free from this curse ....

Hope this helps !!!!!!!!!!

In response to the "Anonymous" question about week long ovulation pain--I never had ovulation pain until after baby #6. Since then, I have had ovulation pain that lasts for several days, up to a week or so, until I ovulate. Sometimes it is a dull ache and sometimes it is quite sharp.

has anyone had ovulation pain last longer than a week?

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