Implantation Bleeding

What happens and why

To define implantation bleeding, we need to review the process of "implantation", a key aspect of fertilization and conception. Implantation is the process of the fertilized egg becoming attached to the womb or uterus. In most cases, the egg is fertilized by a sperm in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg, or embryo, reaches the blastocyst stage a few days after it is fertilized, and in the uterus will attach itself to the uterine lining. This is implantation - and implantation bleeding can be a result.

Implantation bleeding, which is typically a brown discharge that may result in light spotting, will not necessarily appear with every pregnancy. If implantation is successful, the developing placenta will begin to produce the hormone hCG, which can be detected by a home pregnancy test.

Spotting and Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding may appear as a light, brown spotting. It typically takes place a handful of days after ovulation. If you fertility chart, do keep record of natural fertility signs like mittelschmerz and, in the case of light spotting after ovulation, do record this as well. It may be implantation bleeding.

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i usually get my period around the ssme date every month. but i am really confused. i had my period on july 22nd . i had no period for august. then got it on september 4th. so on ovulation calculator i checked my fertile days and they are from sept 29th thru oct 4th. i had sex on the 28th and and in the morning of the 29th i started spotting like light brown and this ovulation spotting or implantation bleeding since it is hard to tell if i am really ovulating because of the dates i got my period. im so confused can i already be pregnant?

I meant Septemeber ... NOT AUGUST =)

My period comes about the same time each month on a 30 day cycle. But in the last 2 months its been a day or 2 days late. This month (August2010) I charted that I would be ovulating on the 10,11,12th, ... & 2 days ago I noticed spotting but at that time I wasnt to concerned and today I had more spotting, which at this point I'm alittle worried now. I read that It "could" be ovulation spotting but I have never experience that before. Has anyone had implantion bleeding this early after ovulation?

evry ,month a week ago of my cycle my breast tenders n i feel irritate n feel like as am pregnant but later periods comes so plz plz advice me wat to do n how to know tht i concieve

I had my period on the 16th of August, It comes on the 16th of every month like clock work. One ovulation calculator said I usually ovulate between the 27th and the 2nd of ecery month. It is not the 2nd of Sept and today I have a light pink discharge when I wipe with toilet paper. I have had sex every day, maybe missing one day so far, but pretty much every 24 hours. I am not sure wether this is ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding. If I became pregnant before I actually ovulated, which seems like its possible, then I could be bleeding from implantation, but on most sites its saying you only become pregnant during ovulation? That doesnt make since to me I thought you could become pregnant at any time during your cycle. So I am hoping someone can help me clarify what is going on. I have NEVER bled during ovulation before. So that is why I am wondering. It is still too early to take a home pregnancy test according to the test instructions. So I am not sure exactly what to do at this point? Any advice?

I'm trying to concieve and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant.
I had my last 1st day of period on Aug 6, 2010 and ever since I finshed on my period I've been having unprotected sex everyday between Aug 17-23, I have had no feeling of symptoms of nausea, and tenderness on my breast. I finished my period on the 12nd and I ve done pap smear check out on 13rd, now on the 22nd I have had some bleeding. It started out very light and in the past couple days a little bit heavier but lighter than my normal period. The color started in a pinkish color and when it got heavier the color turned brownish.
I'm not sure if this is my period or possibly implantation bleeding.
I took a home pregnancy test after the bleeding happened but it showed very slightly positive. I'm hoping someone can help me with this situtation on what the possibilities are. Did I get my period twice on the same month or is this an implantation bleeding? Or I'm pregnant now. Kindly advise.

I had a 2 day period on the 30th july and have been having unproected sex for the last 6 weeks.. on the 16 augugst i have a very small amount of blood slightly browinsh in coulour. I am slighly unsure as to weather this could be implantaion bleeding as I have 2 children already and never had it before. Just want some advice really have done a hpt but negitive result.

heyy okayy so me and my boyfriend are trying to conceive and i got my period on july 29th for 3 days, it went away then agin on the 12th i had brown spotting, and a lil bit of pinkish blood but it only came with wipping i didnt even need a pad. me and my boyfriend do have sex everyday. i was wondering if this could be implantation bleeding because we have had sex on my ovulation days. only problem is that i have pcos and type 1 genital herpes. can someone help me i want this baby so bad. it seems like everytime i get close to hoping something happens. also i have had two misscarriages in the past and am afraid this one may be like that too if i am pregnant. i think the most confusing thing is was it my period on the 12th cause i only have a 14-16 day cycle........please help

On my ovulation days me and husband had made love, the next day i seen some dark brown blood in my panties, and then some light pink blood, and it went away and came back, the next day woke and went to the bathroom and when i wipe it was like pink blood, but only when i wipe. But now it light darker, but not heavy. Can someone is help me please? Is this a good sign for me and husband?

im 37, we have been ttc for a long time, as in we have been married for 15+ yrs and never used bc of any kind. i have pcos, hypothyroidism and am overweight but not on any meds. i have always had irregular cycles, but for the last few months, i have had one just like normal. heres is the last 2 cycles: jan: i was on from the 14th to the 18th. that next day i had a lil bit of brownish discharge, and later that day i had sum light bleeding in the afternoon, maybe enuough for a pantyliner. then on the 21st in the mid morning, i wipe and get a little bit of bright red blood w a lil bit of clear cervical mucus on the tissue but that was it. what is this? ive never experienced this b4. for feb: i had my period on the 11th to the 14th. no weird bleeding so far. my bbts have been in the 97's range. and im exhausted beyond belief, i cld sleep anytime at all. i have no idea when i ovulate or when my luteal phase is. or how long my cycle is. how do you calculate these things? i want so much to be a mom, im afraid its just not in the cards for us. Sad can anyone help me with this? its most frustrating and very obsessive. all i can do is think BABY BABY BABY my biological clock is beyond ticking. thank you any advice is greatly appreciated. ~*~baby dust to all~*~

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