Implantation Bleeding

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What happens and why

To define implantation bleeding, we need to review the process of "implantation", a key aspect of fertilization and conception. Implantation is the process of the fertilized egg becoming attached to the womb or uterus. In most cases, the egg is fertilized by a sperm in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg, or embryo, reaches the blastocyst stage a few days after it is fertilized, and in the uterus will attach itself to the uterine lining. This is implantation - and implantation bleeding can be a result.

Implantation bleeding, which is typically a brown discharge that may result in light spotting, will not necessarily appear with every pregnancy. If implantation is successful, the developing placenta will begin to produce the hormone hCG, which can be detected by a home pregnancy test.

Spotting and Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding may appear as a light, brown spotting. It typically takes place a handful of days after ovulation. If you fertility chart, do keep record of natural fertility signs like mittelschmerz and, in the case of light spotting after ovulation, do record this as well. It may be implantation bleeding.

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I am trying to conceive, my last period was 13-15
of august but it was alot lighter than usuall and a funny brown colour. I worked it out that my ovulation time started 25th but inbetween the time I finished my period and ovulation I was sexually active. 25th I had sex with my boyfriend and about half hour later I experienced spotting. 26th I woke up to go to the toilet today and the spotting is still there. can anybody help me to figure out what it is please?

i've been ttc and was put on clomid 5-9 and this is the first time i've been on clomid. my last period was on 31st July 2011 and i've been having sex everyday after my last period. my fear is i may not suceed getting pregnant pls advice me.

I'm trying to conceive and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant.
I had my last 1st day of period on Jun 10, 2011 and ever since I finished on my period I've been having unprotected sex everyday between Jun 26- Ju1 01, I have had no feeling of symptoms of nausea, and tenderness on my breast. And I don't have implantation bleeding but always have a cramping.I still don't have my period now Aug 2.
I took a home pregnancy test last July 27 the result was negative. I'm hoping someone can help me with this situation. Kindly advise.

i had my period on 22nd june my ovulation days r betwn 1st 2 6th july.vhad sex on these days,but now it shows spotting.wat it means pls help & rply.

I had my period on the 21th of may 2011 and it was over on 26th of may 2011 ,but i start implantation bleeding on the 10th of June 2011 ,i think am pregnancy but am not . what is the cause of implantation bleeding .

had my peiod on june3,2011 finished june6,2011 now i'm spotting what can this be. help please

I had my period on 15th may and on 30th may i saw blood
which stop that day and I sex that 30th may and 1st june
and on the 6th June I saw dark brown blood and cramp which last for a few day is that implantation bleeding

I started my period May 1st and ended May 5th. My fertile days show to be 10th-14th and ovulation the 15th. It is now the 18th and I have some spotting and cramping, is this normal? or coudl this mean that I am pregnant?

Hi, i had my period on 1st of april, i had sex on 6th to 10th and also 12th and 13th then i saw a fluid like d raw egg on 14th and 15th which means i'm ovulating. Is there any chance i could be pregnant now? Not feeling any sign yet and when can i do a pregnancy test pls help.

I started a very light pink spotting of march 29 my period was due April 1. But I knew it won't my period it don't ever come on twice in the same month or 4 days before it is due and it don't ever start off light. After it was light pink for about a day the next day it was red but not to bright like your period then that thursday thru friday it had went back to a very light pink and on that saturday it was just a brown color very light only need a pantyliner which it don't fill it up in a day. As from what I has been reading these are the colors and symptoms of implantation bleeding. if anyone who have any advice can you please help me out. also my temperature has been increase and decreasing and not just staying at 98.6 which it usually does im not sick so i have no reason for my temperature to keep changing.

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