Implantation Bleeding

What happens and why

To define implantation bleeding, we need to review the process of "implantation", a key aspect of fertilization and conception. Implantation is the process of the fertilized egg becoming attached to the womb or uterus. In most cases, the egg is fertilized by a sperm in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg, or embryo, reaches the blastocyst stage a few days after it is fertilized, and in the uterus will attach itself to the uterine lining. This is implantation - and implantation bleeding can be a result.

Implantation bleeding, which is typically a brown discharge that may result in light spotting, will not necessarily appear with every pregnancy. If implantation is successful, the developing placenta will begin to produce the hormone hCG, which can be detected by a home pregnancy test.

Spotting and Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding may appear as a light, brown spotting. It typically takes place a handful of days after ovulation. If you fertility chart, do keep record of natural fertility signs like mittelschmerz and, in the case of light spotting after ovulation, do record this as well. It may be implantation bleeding.

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I had sex on May 25 with out protection & no birth control . A week later I started getting really tired and moody . Yesterday I had really bad cramping & I felt wet like if I started my period then I whipped and it was a pink brownish wet stain . It went away after 10 mins then today morning I woke up stained in bright red blood . Can I be pregnant ?

Last period was 3rd may nxt one due 2nd june but started spottin brown blood on the 26tyh which turned blacck mild cramps today 27th with brown/red im not normally 7 daya early and normally have sore boobs 10 days before period due nit this time

I had my period on the 10th of april - I have a 38 day cycle - I then done an ovulation test on Thursday 1/05/2014 it said positive - I had intercourse Thursday morning - I then done another one being paranoid on the Friday 02/05/2014 and it said positive again me and my partner had intercourse on Friday night and then again on Saturday during the day - The clear blue digital ovulation test only predicts the most two fertile days before ovulation - Could I be pregnant and when can I test for pregnancy - I am feeling extremely tired but its only 6/7 days after ovulation - is this all in my head?

i had my period 12th of april which lasted a week! i then started bleeding 25th of april and due to ovulate the 26th, is this normal

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I haven't had sex in about 3-4 weeks due to my husband having surgery. I had my period very beginning of this month (dec.30-jan.3) now 1 week before my period is due im wiping light pinkish-red blood small amount on and off and that's it. What could this be? My husband and I aren't necessarily trying for a baby but were not preventing it.

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