Pre-Seed Sperm Friendly Lubricant: A Product Review

The Return of Pre~Seed: The Sperm-Friendly Lubricant for the TTC Community

One of the top selling fertility products since its launch, Pre-Seed is in the news again and gaining even more popularity - as well as accolades from the ttc community. Pre-Seed reviews from users and medical professionals have remained overwhelmingly positive, and after a brief hiatus form the ttc and preconception market, Pre-Seed is back!

So what makes Pre-Seed special? Clearly, Pre~Seed is an innovation - it's the first and only “Sperm-Friendly" moisturizer. It's designed to replenish your natural moisture while providing an optimal environment for sperm, hence facilitating conception. The key to Pre~Seed’s success? Pre-Seed's unique formula mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness - with the same pH as semen. Pre~Seed also protects cell function, supporting both conception and pleasurable intercourse.

What's the Pre-Seed difference? What makes Pre-Seed unique is that other lubricants like KY or Replens act as a barrier to conception. See the diagram below. Pre-Seed lubricates and moisturizes - and at the same time provides a healthy environment for sperm to move, survive, and make their way to the ovum. Traditional lubricants may lubricate, but in doing so they set up an obstacle course to bog down sperm and hinder (or at least decrease the chance of) conception.

The Problem of Dryness

If you are TTC, then you know that trying to conceive is a big issue. At least 90 million couples worldwide, 11 million in the US alone, are trying to become pregnant. With only a 20% average chance of becoming pregnant each cycle, it’s no surprise that couples can become stressed. And stress leads to dryness!

Yes, "intercourse on demand" prior to ovulation can lead to anxiety, frustration, and increased vaginal dryness. In fact, 75% of ttc couples report an increased frequency of vaginal dryness.

In relieving this common problem, couples do not want to create another problem: the "sperm blockade" caused by other lubricants. Indeed, personal lubricants and even saliva can harm sperm. Research conducted on personal lubricants over the past three decades has clearly demonstrated their detrimental effects on sperm.

The Pre-Seed Solution
Pre-Seed lubricant is the first "sperm-friendly" intimate moisturizer that mimics natural body secretions for an optimal sperm environment. Safe, effective, and designed to support both conception and trying-to-conceive pleasure!

Pre~Seed Fun Facts
- Designed by women reproductive physiologists!
- pH balanced to semen (imitates natural body secretions)!
- Manufactured in a FDA registered facility!
- Available as single use applicators to be applied before making love for enhanced spontaneity!

Technical Notes On Pre-Seed

Pre~Seed is the first “sperm-friendly" Intimate Moisturizer that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment. Pre~Seed’s moisture is delivered in a fluid with the same pH and osmolarity as semen, so as not to harm sperm.

Additionally, Pre~Seed contains a naturally occurring plant sugar (arabinogalactan) which protects cell function, including having antioxidant-like activity. Antioxidant levels can be severely decreased in semen from men with fertility problems (see Reference Library)

Available as single use applicators which can be applied before making love for enhanced spontaneity. Pre~Seed comes in convenient single use vaginal applicators to coat the vagina and external cervix to replenish nature's moisture without harming sperm even while trying to conceive – a time of increased vaginal dryness when other personal lubricants should be avoided.

Pre-Seed Testing Specifications:

pH between 7.2 and 7.5
Osmolarity between 300 and 380 mOsmo/kg
No harm to Mouse Embryos: assures that greater than 85% of one cell mouse embryos develop to the blastocyst stage when cultured with Pre~Seed. This analysis is the FDA test for all media solutions used in assisted reproduction such IUI or IVF. Sperm-friendliness: freshly ejaculated human sperm are cultured with Pre~Seed in media, and the percentage of sperm that swim must be equal to 85% or greater of sperm in IVF media alone (which is less thick).

How Do Other Lubricants Damage Sperm?

The optimum pH value for sperm migration and survival in the cervical mucus is between 7.0 and 8.5 (World Health Organization guidelines). Sperm are very sensitive to low (acidic) pH and, to a lesser extent, elevated (alkaline) pH. Below pH levels of 6.9, sperm die at a rate that increases with lowering pH. Sperm are also sensitive to both high and low osmolarities (ion concentration in solution) because these can cause them to either shrink or swell beyond their "critical volume limits". A physiologic osmolarity* around 360 mOsm/kg (that of semen) is best for sperm function.

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I been tryin to conceive goin on 4 yrs an I only have one ovary..its very stressful so I heard about pre seed so im goin to try it..plz wish me luck.. I want a baby so bad..I love kids just wish I had my own

It worked great for me!!!I tried 10 years to get pregnant and nothing worked. I searched for answers and came up with nothing until I saw preseed. I used it everytime me and my bf had sex and within a month I was pregnant. My son is now 17 months. I'm going to use it again to try for my second child.

After reading some great testimonies here about pre-seed i decided to give it a shot since we v been ttc for 1yr. so i bought it from walgreen and used it for 2 consecutive days during ovulation( i used 1g on the first day and 0.5g on the second day cos i noticed that i didnt need more).
My problem is that i noticed that the whole semen/sperm spilled out as my DH gently withdrew his...after ejaculation on those two days, even though he was very deep inside & i was lying on my back n propping my hips with a pillow. i am very scared of using it today being the 3rd day, i feel like i may not get any swimmers.
Any suggestions? please help, im so frustrated.

I first used pre seed last year May 2011. The next month I was pregnant and my baby is now 4months. I honestly believe that because we were trying every month I was drying out so the preseed really helped with the moisture issue.
Me and my husband are starting to try again and I did purchase pre seed. I dont know if it really worked or if it was just a fluke but I like to think that it did help. I mean we had been trying and nothing..then one month of using pre seed we get preggers? Interesting! I say to everyone..give it a shot. You have nothing to lose! Good luck

I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years and have gone to the doctors used lots of medication nothing happen tomorrow i am going to buy pre seed from the pharmacy hope all will be ok

my husband and i have been together for 5 years..we started trying to have kids back in 2009..i had 2 in dec 2010 and another in april 2011..then my husband found pre seed in january 2012..on valentines day i become pregnant..iam going on 5 months..might have twins! Smile

I bought pre-seed on jan 2012, since nov and dec of 2011, i have been trying to get pregnant, but cant with increased dryness its impossible. i felt real bad everytime i hear my bf say to his child you might have another siblings or asking me always are you pregnant? but i know im not cuz every month i would have my period. had my period on jan 11-16, i did an experiment, after jan 16 the last day of my period i didnt use pre seed for a whole week. after that week i would use preseed everyday to moisten my vagina and just incase we have sex. we would have sex everyday twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime (which is fun and felt really good) and this way the semen stays in you for the longest. or i would use preseed an hour or two just before sex. i would only use 1g or 1g 1/2. i ov on jan 31, feb 1 & 2. 3 or 4 days before my ov thats the window of opportunity. dont wait the day of ov, have sex 2 days before we had sex everyday for the whole week, for my first time using preseed it really worked for me. i hope this helps others. ill pray for everyone to have the same luck as i did>

My husband and I have been TTC for the last 8 month I just bough Soft Cups and preseed . Next week we try again. I also hope that it works on my first try. Will keep you updated. Best of luck to all

I bought my pre-seed at a cvs... I'm hoping it work's. I was just worndering as anyone recently bought pre-seed & ended up conceiving soon after? I'm goin on three yrs ttc.

Well i have pcos and i me and my boyfriend have been trying to get have a Baby for 9 months can o get pgt

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