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Using the ClearBlue Monitor
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The ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor is one of the more sophisticated diagnostic kits available for predicting fertility and boosting your odds of conceiving a baby. As many women discover, trying to conceive may take a little high-tech help from a fertility monitor or ovulation microscope. If you have selected the Clearplan Easy Fertility Monitor (now known as the ClearBlue Easy), then you have a very powerful tool for pinpointing the date you will likely ovulate.

Two hormones are better than one!

Why is the Clearblue fertility monitor a good choice? Because the ClearBlue monitor detects not one, but two reproductive hormones. Like an ovulation test, you do collect a urine sample. But unlike a standard OPK, the fertility monitor works by tracking two hormones - luteinizing hormone and estrogen. Using two variables, the computerized Clearblue monitor can better focus in on when you are most fertile, reducing the possibility of error and increasing accuracy. Two hormones are better than one!

Based on start (DAY 1) of the cycle, the fertility monitor will ask you to perform test stick readings for 10 or 20 consecutive days, depending on the length of your cycle and the timing of your LH surge. With a digital interface, the monitor will actually tell you what your fertility level is for a specific day: low, high (two bars on screen), or peak (three bars on screen). Wow! That's pretty easy.

Yes, the Clearblue monitor is more expensive than other predictor kits, but it does have an excellent reputation and comes highly recommended by Ob/Gyns and doctors.


When do I start using the monitor - or press the m button?

Begin use of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor on DAY ONE of your cycle - the first day of menstrual bleeding. Press the "m" button to create your unique "testing Window" which is set to run from 3 hours before the time you press the "m" button, to 3 hours after. Set the "m" button so that it is convenient for you to test your first morning urine - or first urine of the day.

When should I time intercourse to conceive?

Timing sex is easy with the Clearblue Monitor. High fertility - when you near the best time to conceive - is indicated when "two bars" appear on the digital screen. Peak Fertility indicated by three bars on the display screen. When you see three bars on the screen, this is the interval of Peak Fertility right before ovulation takes place. To increase your odds of conception, time sex on a minimum of one day of High Fertility and one day of Peak Fertility. Because the window of fertility only lasts a few days a month, the Clearblue monitor allows you to take advantage of this opportunity with accuracy and confidence.

How do I know the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is right for me?

The Clearblue Easy Monitor is ideal for women who exhibit a natural menstrual cycle that is typically between 21 and 42 days. Breastfeeding, a recent pregnancy, recent use of the pill (birth control pills) or fertility treatments may affect the menstrual cycle; In these cases, we recommend waiting to use the monitor until you have had at two menstrual cycles in a row before starting the Fertility Monitor.

Can I still use the Clearblue Fertility Monitor if I am taking Clomid?

Yes, you may still use the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor if you are taking Clomid, but please be aware that Clomid can impact the Monitor's interpretation of your fertility. This is actually the same thing that can happen with regular ovulation test sticks and, to some degree, ovulation microscopes. If you are using Clomid, the two bar "High Fertility" result may begin a bit earlier in your cycle and last longer than if you were not on clomid. Moreover, because Clomid can facilitate the presence of very high estrogen levels, the Clearblue may not display Peak Fertility at all, even right before you ovulate. Therefore, interpreting results requires a bit of critical thinking - though taking clomid certainly does not "bar" you using the monitor (bad pun unintended...) Happy testing!

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I have to say the montior work out 1st time of using it but sadley i had a Ectopic prencgey we just started trying again so fingers cross

hi im using the montior im on 23 day cycle and the m apper means your cycle coming to the end and could be ready for period im due on the 29 day cycle. what happends if i come on now or next day would that be normal thanks

I just ordered mine and won't get it till 5th day of my cycle
Can I still test? Will it effect it that much as long as I know what day I'm really on? Please help

My fertility monitor had me test beginning on day 6, but then stopped on day 13. Is this right? I turn my monitor on each morning and it is no longer calling for a test.

All you have to do do restart the monitor is to turn on the monitor and hold the m buttion down so a few secounds you will see it will start blinking and then it will say one. If you are not on day one but 2 or three hold it till it gets to day 2 or three. they turn it off and its ready for use.

It says to test with the first urination of the morning. What happens if you wake up at say 3.30 or 4am and urinate will you still get an accurate result from a test at 7am?

Hi this id my first month using cbfm , i have nt had a peak so just waiting for my period to come but ive started spotting should i press the m button now or wait till i get a proper period ?

I had my period on jan 4, had sex and the next day my period went away just spotting for a two days had sex again on jan 10,13 again and the 19. I have the symptoms he does too but my test say neg


I can't find my manual either, is it possible to send to me as well?


Does it automatically turn off? I have to turn it on every morning and the #of days is not changing. What's wrong?

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