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Your Ovulation Calculator Results

* You are projected to ovulate on 12/30/1969. To ensure you catch your peak fertile days, we recommend that you test for ovulation using ovulation test strips (which can be purchased online for less than $1.00 each with free shipping) beginning around 3-5 days before 12/30/1969.

Your Detailed Ovulation Calculator Results: We have calculated your projected ovulation date to be 12/30/1969.  Note that you are most likely to get pregnant if you time your lovemaking to occur on the days right before - and on - 12/30/1969. Keep in mind that your ovulation date of 12/30/1969 is a “best guess” estimate based on your cycle length of 0 days, the first day of your last period (12/31/1969), and your luteal phase, which you inputted as 0 days. A much more accurate and reliable way to pinpoint your most fertile time is through the use of urine-based ovulation tests, or if you have an irregular cycle or ovulatory disorder (like PCOS), an Ovacue fertility monitor. This is because these methods sample your body's own unique hormonal cues to tell you precisely when ovulation will occur.


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Now that you’ve calculated your ovulation date using our ovulation calculator, we have a number of other helpful tools you can use to help increase your chances of conceiving.

  • Create your own personalized ovulation calendar! You can even provide an email address so that you receive email alerts of your most fertile days, when you can begin testing for pregnancy, and more.

  • Create your own personalized fertility chart! This is a highly accurate way to pinpoint your ovulation date that relies primarily on basal temperature charting. (Visit for an accurate, inexpensive basal thermometer.)

  • Connect with others at our online community! If you have questions about trying-to-conceive – or if you just want to vent a bit – we have a wonderful, vibrant community of people who’d just love to hear from you.


Your Results Summary
Ovulation Date12/30/1969
Due Date9/22/1970
Fetal Age48 years 24 weeks
Gestation Period Remaining0 sec
Today's Date5/26/2018
First Day of Last Period12/31/1969
Cycle Length0 days
Luteal Phase Length0 days

Ovulation Calculator

Format: 5/26/2018
Increase your chances of getting pregnant! Our Ovulation Calculator will help you predict when you ovulate - your prime time for becoming pregnant.

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