My husband and I have tried to conceive for 10 years. Several years ago, it was thought that I had PCOS. I was treated with increasing levels of Clomid and Glucophage for nearly 3 years. Then a fertility doctor thought that ovarian drilling could work, so we did that. Now about six years later, I am finding out that I likely never truly had PCOS, and at age 30, it has just been determined that I have poor ovarian reserves, based on high day 3 FSH and LH and low Anti-Meulleran Hormone. I am really wondering if this could have been caused by misdiagnosed PCOS and the subsequent ovarian drilling. There seems to be no other possible factor that could have caused premature poor ovarian reserves. Now I am terrified that we may have no hope now of ever conceiving. We are going to seek out all of our options and pull out all the stops, so to speak. But still it really scares me. I am not sure what to think anymore.