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My fiance and I are both 29 and healthy and have taken the time to research how to prepare to conceive, we have both cut alcohol and cafferine out of our diets. I came off the pill in December 2009 and have very irregular periods. In February I didn't even have one (and not under a lot of stress). My cycles so far have been between 35-49 days and from what I've tracked I'm not ovulating until about CD24 and I know that's late. We have been trying for a few months and having no luck whatsoever and I'm getting really discouraged. I would like a shorter, more regular period but I don't know if I ever will - is there any way to do this? Also I'm traking ovulation with the OPKs so I think those are very reliable.  Do you have any advice for me?

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are you taking a good prenatal vitamin? I know some women have used fertilaid to help with their periods... you could also try acupuncture, which has helped some women too.
on the plus side, you are ovulating and you do get your period! one of my very good friends has 36 day cycles and she's pg now, so it's possible with longer cycles, but I can understand the frustration with not being able to try more!
I know it does take some women longer than others to regulate after being off the pill, but you could talk to your doctor too in case he/she has some direction. GL to you and baby dust!!

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I am in the same boat. My Dr told me it could be a few cycles after the miscarriage to become regular again but it's been almost 4 months and currently I'm on CD 52 with no AF in sight. I have taken a few HPT's and they are all negative. We could have tried twice but instead I am just waiting.... It is so stressfull and frustrating when you can't really do much about it!


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I know how u ladies feel. I have a long unpridicable cycles too. I used to have 31 day cycles but in Jan it switched up on my and it was 98 days long! The last 1 was 39 days. I am now on cd 14 praying it will stay consistant. It is so disressing HPT after HPT and getting BPNs. Sad I been ttc sine August 09. I am 21 my dh is 24 we are both healthy. We both changed our diet, I'm on prenatal vits. We bd when we should still nothing.
I stoped BCP in June. The doc says that it take about a yr for the body to get back to normal after the pill especially if you were on them for a long time. I was on the from 15 to regulate my hormones.
Don't loose hope.


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