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Congrats on the birth!


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Congratulations! Hope you had a wonderful first Christmas with your boys:)


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Jan. 20, 2017-- I'm BAAACKK!

Hey Ladies,

I'm back, but under very different circumstances now. I currently have 2 darling boys-- #1 (age 6), who took us a while to conceive, and #2 (age 3), who we conceived our first cycle attempt. Now here I am again, but documenting with different lenses-- TTC #3 with a husband who has Type 2 Diabetes and ED.

Shortly after I became pregnant the second time, my husband was diagnosed with Type 2. Then shortly after I gave birth, the onset of ED happened. Mind you, he is only 39 years old.

So I'm here, month 2 of TTC-- mostly lurking around to see if there are any success stories similar to mine. Or perhaps, I can shed light on anyone who is experiencing the same struggles, as I'm sure I am not the only one going through this.

If you ladies can point me in the direction of any threads that might be helpful. It'll be most appreciated.



#1 "Wobbles" born 1/1/11
#2 "Wobbles" born 9/20/13
2017 TTC #3, DH with Type 2 Diabetes and ED