Is Your Water Bottle Affecting Your Fertility?

Are you struggling with infertility? 

If so, you may want to throw away your water bottle according to a new study done by Jody Flaws of the University of Illinois.

It turns out that the bisphenol (BPA) found in water bottles can send your fertility health into turmoil.  In Flaw’s study, the female mice that were injected with a BPA level similar to what might be found in a typical women from the United States, ended up with unhealthy ovaries.  The follicles were smaller than normal and after a period of time, they stopped producing eggs altogether.  In addition, the BPA kept the ovaries from producing estradol, a fertility related hormone that is critical for getting pregnant.

With these significant results, other researchers continued the study with other mammals such as sheep and monkeys.  They found that the BPA affected the animals in a similar manner as the mice.  Most recently, a study done at Harvard University explored BPA and its effects on humans.  Once again, hormone balances were thrown out of whack and the ovaries were compromised. Women were found to have fewer follicles which led to fewer healthy eggs.

Doctors urge women who are trying to get pregnant to keep away from BPA because it has proven itself to be toxic to ovaries.  They also suggest that you should keep BPA away from children as well.  Doctors believe that children who are regularly exposed to BPA may experience infertility later on in life.

So…. check your water bottles and toss those with BPA!!


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