Are Klinefelter or Kartagener Syndrome Causing Your Infertility?

Could Your Partner Be Suffering From Klinefelter and/or Kartagener Syndrome?

If you have been struggling to get pregnant for awhile, one of the easier tests to start with is a semen analysis.  The results may point to irregularities in sperm count, shape or movement and there is a list of potential causes for any of these issues. 

After ruling out environmental causes, diet, medication use and exercise regime, your doctor may dive deeper into a couple of other possibilities.

One is called the Klinefelter Syndrome.  Men diagnosed with this problem will often have very low or no sperm count, small testes and/or low levels of testosterone. This is the result of an extra copy of the X chromosome and will present itself as (XXY).  Doctors like to biopsy the testes to see if there is sperm being produced that is just not finding its way out during ejaculation. This would be best case scenario for many men because the viable sperm found in the testicular tissue can be used for IVF or ICSI. 

Another diagnosis could be Kartagener Syndrome.  When this occurs, fertility doctors find that the tails of the sperm are compromised in some way.  This impacts the motility of the sperm by keeping them from being able to swim efficiently or at all. With this genetic condition, IVF and ICSI are also still a possibility for men!

The body is such a delicate vessel in so many ways; it is impressive that pregnancies even occur!


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