Viagra and TTC

Viagra and TTCWhen you are trying to conceive (TTC) there are often many bumps in the road.  To maximize your chances, your partner may be taking Viagra to make sure he is able to bring his “A Game” to the bedroom. 

Researchers from Queen’s University in Ireland may have found a reason to skip the Viagra while trying to get pregnant.   What they found was that even a single dose (100 milligrams) had a negative impact on the baby making process. 

At the tip of the sperm, there is a small sac of enzymes called the acrosome.  The acrocome breaks down the outer membrane of the egg so that the sperm can bust through and penetrate the egg.  The Viagra actually causes the acrosome to release prematurely, which immediately puts the sperm at a disadvantage in its mission.

So..... you may want to talk with your doctor about the effect of Viagra on your chances of conception.


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