How Can You Increase Your Chances of Having a Boy or a Girl?

Baby Gender PredictorDo you have three boys and are dreaming of adding a little girl to the family?  Or, do you have 3 girls and long to add a little boy to the brood?

We have always been told that it is a 50/50 chance whether we have a boy or girl, but does it have to be that way? If you spend some time on the internet Googling this question, you will find pages of ol’ wives tales on how to make sure you have a girl or a boy.  You will find everything from having sex when there is a full moon to conceive a girl to lying on your right side during sex to have a boy.

But, have you ever heard of the Shettles Method

According to this theory.....

 If you want to conceive a girl you should:

·         Have sex as often as possible three days before ovulation

·         Have sex in the missionary position

·         Make sure that the women doesn’t have an orgasm during sex

If you want to conceive a boy you should:

·         Wait to start having sex until the day of ovulation

·         Make sure the woman has an orgasm during or after sex

·         Have sex from behind

·         Make sure the man has something with caffeine an hour before sex

The thinking here is that although the boy y-sperm are fast swimmers, they are also weak and die quickly.  So for the boy sperm to make it to the finish line first, they need to be given the most ideal situation possible.

On the flip side, those proposing the Shettles Method believe that although the girl x-sperm are slower, they are stronger and more resilient.  Because of this, girls are usually conceived from less than ideal scenarios.  Their strength is that they tend to out swim and outlast most of the y-sperm.  Guess you could say about the x-sperm that, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Has anyone here used the Shettles Method while getting pregnant?  Did it work?


I like to have twins, 2 boys this year 2015,please when is the right time to conceive. My date of birth is November 14 1975

winnie — Jan 25, 2015
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First I don't no when am ovulating and secondly I will like to have twins I mean two boys my date of birth is November 14 1975,when is the right time to conceive this year 2014?please is urgent

winnie — Jan 25, 2015
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My date of birth is 25/09/1987 .I want to get pregnant and I want twins boys . Tell me which month and what methods I try .

Parteek Kaur — Jan 04, 2015
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My d.o.b is 24/10/81.i already had 3 beautiful girls and I am desperate to have a 1st day of last period was on 20/12/14 & the cycle is 28 days. The ovulation calculator said the ovulation date will be on 3/1/15 but I use the ovulation tester and it's saids I am ovulating on 1/1/15 twice once in the midday and once in the evenings so I decided & had intercourse on 2/1/15 midnight.DID I HAD SEX ON THE RIGHT TIME EXACTLY ON OVULATION DAY OR BEFORE coz it's said to conceive a boy u must have sex on ovulation date or as close to it????? Pls tell me?? Thanks!!!

Anonymous — Jan 02, 2015
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am 44yrs trying to get pregnant,have 3 girls.want a boy now.please help me with this shettles method

doreen danladi — Jan 09, 2013
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The Shettles Method SUCKS!! I bought the book: Hot to Choose the Sex of your Baby. I did EVERYTHING to the "T" and found out at 19 weeks I was having boy #3. We were trying for a girl that time around. Good luck!

Anonymous — Feb 27, 2012
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i lik to conceive twin baby girl

bello — Feb 17, 2012
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i wud lyk ma 1st pregnancy 2 b a babeboy, so im gona try dat method nd will keep u posted.

mpho — Jan 31, 2012
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I want to get pregnant the next month but i hope to conceive a (boy) or twins boys iam 32 yrs ihave two girls
28/1/2012 help me please??

Anonymous — Jan 28, 2012
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i want to get pregnant and i want twins and also boys

Anonymous — Jan 24, 2012
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