2012 New Year’s Resolution- Get Pregnant!

Getting PregnantI know that this is going to be THE year for all of us!!!  The one thing I like about the New Year is that is gives you a sense of closure with the past and gives you the opportunity to refocus for the near future.  When you’re trying to get pregnant, it is the time of rallying the troops and hitting it all head on.  So that is what I am going to do.

This time next year, I want to be able to look down into my arms and feel my heart burst with love for my new little one. I spend hours daydreaming about this moment already.  And sometimes I feel like if I just think about it hard enough, it will happen.  Silly, I know!

But just to be on the safe side, I am going to ramp up my TTC plan as well.  So here it is....

1.  Exercise more- Although this seems to always make my resolution list each year, I am hoping that it will actually happen this time!  I have a found a friend to meet me at the gym a few times a week, so I am optimistic that I will stick to it, now that I am accountable to someone else as well! LOL!

2.  Eat healthy- Unfortunately, I love all the foods that are bad for you.  My husband and I are social eaters and I am a stress eater as well.  I know that I need to just make a decision to eat better and then the payoff of feeling better and having more energy will help me ride this resolution out to 2013. 

3.  Order more ovulation kits- I love being able to just double-check that my cycle and body signals are in sync.  I may even splurge this year and invest in a new OvaCue Fertility Monitor as well.

4.  Consistently use Pre~Seed- The only learning curve here was figuring out how much we wanted to use each time.  Now it has found a permanent place in the bedroom! Just a side note.... most lubricants actually kill the sperm, so that is why Pre~Seed is such a great option!

5.  Try FertiliTea - I am a tea drinker by nature, so it should be an easy thing to add to my plan.  

6.  Try to mix it up a bit and play more- I sometimes get stuck in a not so happy place with all the stressors of daily life and TTC.  So this year I want to make sure I spend more time with friends and try to get lost in enjoying the moment.

7.  Try something new- I have always wanted to try either acupuncture or massage designed for TTC.  And since I am not great about trying new things, it will be a little bit out of my comfort zone.  But I am willing to try anything to have a baby!!!!

8.   I would like to add to the list that I will not be heartbroken every time a friend tells me they are pregnant. Or that I won’t dive into a pity party every time I am invited to a baby shower or to meet a friend’s new baby...... But I don’t know if I am there yet.  So what I will say is that I will try to regulate my emotions better when faced with anything baby related!!!!


Good luck to everyone in 2012!  Let’s call it, “The Year of the Baby!”


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This is an excellent idea! I really appreciate your thoughts and your sharing the tips here. I too want to be a mother and as you said it we need to hit it full on! I am excited at the prospect of being a mother and at the same time I do hope to be a good mother.

see here — Nov 07, 2013
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Yes--hoping to get pregnant this year! Thank you.

Diana7 — Mar 09, 2012
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Thanks so much for this post! I really needed to read this today.

doubgirl — Jan 04, 2012
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