Is Taking Letrozole Safe?

Fertility Drugs If you have been taking the fertility drug Letrozole as part of your TTC (Trying to Conceive) action plan, you may want to talk with your doctor after hearing about a radical drug recall in India.

A month ago, the Union government stopped all production and sale of the cancer drug Letrozole.  Now, the FDA has followed suit and has told doctors to no longer prescribe the drug for fertility purposes.

In a recent study, researchers found that women were at a much higher risk of giving birth to a baby with medical issues if she had been taking Letrozole while trying to get pregnant.  The babies born from mothers taking this drug had a greater chance of having problems with their heart, brain and/or kidneys.

Since there are many other drugs that also help with ovulation inconsistencies, researchers in India are confident that doctors will easily be able to replace this drug with a much safer option for women.

Some doctors are challenging these findings saying that the study sample was not large enough to make such a decision.  And, there have been no movements to pull the drug in the US at this current time.

However, after reading this study, if I were taking Letrozole, I personally would want to have a frank discussion with my doctor about its side effects.

Has anyone had any personal experience with this drug and the side effect warnings that come along with it?


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