Choosing your Baby's Sex with BBT Charting

Shettles Method: A Practical Guideline to Selecting Gender Using A Fertility Chart to Choose the Sex of Your Baby

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Part 1: Techniques of Gender Selection: Theories and Myths
Part 2: The Shettles Method: Timing Intercourse & Position

While the theory behind the Shettles method appears, prima fascia, fairly logical, there are still many medical professional who suggest there is no sure way to influence the gender of your child (short of very expensive procedures like sperm microsorting, which separates X-chromosome sperm from Y-chromosome sperm). Other researchers claim between a 75% and 90% success rate using the Shettles Method or a modified version of it based on timing sex to ovulation. To be sure, debates over the efficacy of gender selection methods still abound.

Most couples who are trying to conceive would be quite happy to get pregnant regardless of the sex of the child. Given this fact, please keep in mind that attempting to influence the sex of your baby through timing intercourse may increase the odds of your baby being one gender or the other; but by restricting intercourse to just certain dates, you may in fact decrease the overall odds of simply conceiving during any given cycle.

With this disclaimer in mind, let's look at practical approaches to implementing the Shettles Method. As suggested in Part 2 (The Shettles Method: Timing Intercourse & Position), timing intercourse to an accurately predicted ovulation date is the key to unlocking the Shettles strategy. In order know when to time sex for gender choice you must know when you ovulate each month. Moreover, cycle regularity is an important variable as well, so women with clockwork menstrual cycles will have a clear advantage in implementing the Shettles method. Cycle length by itself is not an issue; more important is that the length does not vary widely among discrete cycles.

Fortunately, the same basic tools used for fertility charting and ovulation prediction can be applied to the Shettles Method, including starting a bbt fertility chart and ovulation calendar, monitoring changes in cervical mucus, and availing yourself of various ovulation predictor tests - from saliva microscopes that detect your estrogen surge to urine ovulation tests that detect your lh surge to high-tech fertility monitors that focus on both of these hormones. Above all, using a bbt thermometer to check your basal temperatures is the key, as a bbt thermal shift will tell you when you ovulate each month. By keeping a daily ovulation calendar/bbt chart, you will be able to track trends in your monthly cycles and pinpoint future ovulation dates with reasonable accuracy. Today, a software product associated with the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" (Toni Weschler) can also help you in monitoring your cycle.

Let's take a practical approach to applying the Settles Method - using these tools above.

Timing and Frequency of Intercourse: Again, timing sex is the key to the Shettles method. To increase the odds of conceiving a girl baby, it is recommended to time intercourse daily from the end of your period up to 2 to 3 days before you anticipate ovulation to take place. This method favors the slower but larger and more resilient X-chromosome sperm (girls). X sperm will fair better than Y sperm in a more acidic vaginal environment when cervical mucus is not yet quite "fertile".

To conceive a boy, its recommended to time intercourse directly prior to and during ovulation. This means commencing with sex no earlier than 24 hours before ovulation. Having sex the day you ovulate is also crucial. The fast but less "durable" Y-chromosome sperm are favored when cervical mucus is fertile, like egg-white, and the vagina is less acidic.

Sexual Position and Orgasm are also variables in determining gender, according to Shettles. To conceive a girl, shallow penetration is advised (ala the missionary position) and the woman should not have an orgasm, as this can produce alkaline mucus that will favor boy sperm. To conceive a boy, orgasm is suggested, as are deep-penetration positions that deposit the sperm close to the cervix.

BBT Charting: Fertility charting with a basal thermometer will provide you with the date of your ovulation thermal shift. The day you ovulate, progesterone levels increase in your body, causing a marked jump in your resting (or basal) temperature. Usually, you will see this increase a day after you ovulate. Over a few unique cycles, you'll see patterns that indicate when ovulation typically takes place for you. If you are trying to have a girl, you'll know to begin timing sex during the period at least 2 to 3 days out from your moment of peak fertility. That's because "girl sperm" can survive longer than "boy sperm" - they are more robust and able to survive the more acidic vaginal conditions that exist antecedent to the presence of more "fertile cervical mucus" during ovulation. To have a boy, you need to time intercourse as close to ovulation as possible - with 24 hours and the day of.

Cervical Mucus: Cervical fluids play a unique role in reproductive success. During most of your cycle, you have acidic or hostile cervical mucus (or very little mucus at all), which protects the vagina, but is very inimical to sperm health. However, during your time of peak fertility, cervical fluids increase and become "fertile", providing a more alkaline, sperm-friendly medium in which sperm can thrive & swim. (Products like FertileCM can be used to help increase the quality and quantity of cervical mucus produced.) Y-chromosome sperm need cervical mucus more than the more robust X-chromosome sperm. During ovulation, cervical mucus is abundant and like raw egg-white. It's stretchy, thin, watery, and translucent. To time intercourse to have a girl, you need to have sex before experiencing this quality of fertile cervical mucus. In other words, the presence of "transitional cervical mucus" indicates the period to time intercourse for having a girl baby. To have a boy, wait until you experience fertile, egg-white cervical mucus and then begin having sex. To read more about cervical mucus, click here.

Ovulation Predictor Kits and Fertility Monitors: Dr. Shettles also recommends using ovulation tests - though saliva microscopes and monitors are equally excellent for tracking fertility. For Lh urine tests, it is advised to test twice daily as you need to detect the earliest moment of your LH surge. Test in the late morning or early afternoon, and then again in the evening. The presence of the positive ovulation test indicates that you will likely ovulate within 12 to 36 hours. Hence, if you want a boy, you need to abstain from intercourse until you verify that ovulation is imminent with a positive result on your ovulation predictor kit. If you are using a saliva ovulation microscope, "transitional" ferning patterns will indicate the best time to favor X-chromosome sperm, though you'll need to wait for strong "positive" ferning patterns to favor Y-chromosome sperm.


i was married on 04/08/2006, my l.m.p at that time was 25/07/2006, igot pregnency in the same month of my delivery was done by c-section and i had a beautiful baby girl.after that we use safety methouds(by using condoms) for i want to give a cute little brother to my daughter. i am trying to get conceive since 3 months, but ican't.i want to know my ovulation calender.mostly my periods cycle will be 28 days,but some times it will be change in to 29or30 iam getting confused to calculate my ovulation time, so i want your help.

Hi everyone I have five boys and I would really like a girl can anyone help me please.

hi,I have got 2 beutifull daughters and they want a baby brother,so do i a son.but my period always irregular even month to month.when i was on pills that time was fine.i left having pill on october 09.after couple of day i had my period.then i had my period in 47 day on 3/11/2009 as normal 5days flow.soon it finish it reappeaed on 7/11/2009.then i got in 35days cycle which is in 22/12/2009 now how i know my ovulation day.infact do i have to test the "opk"whole month? please help me.
thank you

We conceived a baby girl using the shettles method... our ultrasound just confirmed it! We are thrilled. Tracking you cervical mucus and recording your body temperature with a basal thermometer is necessary for a few months ahead of really starting to try. This way you get a chance to learn your body's ovulation patterns. We had sex everyday from the time my period ended up until 3 days prior to ovulation, with no orgasm, and missionary style. This reduces sperm count favouring the female sperm which are stronger and can survive in a more acidic environment. Dr. Shettles provides examples of charts where women have tracked both cervical mucus and body temperature. I found this a great reference when trying to figure out my own ovulation day. I would totally recommend buying his book if you are serious about gender selection. Best of luck to you all!

As many of you who has boys suggest to have an orgasm. I never had an orgasm and I don't know how to reach this point. I tried to reach that point many times with my husband but it’s not working for me. What would you recommend to do, so I can conceive a baby boy?

I have 2 girls already,cant really calculate my ovulation cos my cycle is not just steady.I know that i concieved my last gal while having ovulation cramp,someone should tell me how to do this cos i dont no what to do.

I have to boys. Both Times prior to conception we had been drinking. Wine/Rum. I was probably on or extremely close to Ovulation and with the second one it was from behind and Orgasim was achieved prior to his "finish".

Also I conceived around Christmas my son was born in September and when he was born there were 22 other baby boys in the nursery. I made a little joke and the nurse told me Winter Holiday conceptions born in September were more likely to be boys and Summer conceptions were more likely to be girls.

My friends wise old Granny once told me there are more boys born in the month of September then any other month of the year and more girls born in the month of April. Something to do with climate and moon phases.

So my advice if you have opposites (Girl/September) or (Boy/April) then try for opposite.

my cycle is 27 wheni;m going to ovulate? and i need a boy baby i already have a girl.

I have two beautiful boys, one conceived day before ovulation and the other day of ovulation. My suggestion to anyone looking to achieve your "little boy" dreams is to orgasm. When the female has an orgasm, the cervix creates more alkaline mucus which favors the 'boy' sperm. Orgasm also helps the weaker sperm (boy sperm) get thru the cervix and to the egg quicker because of the way the uterus contracts during female orgasm. I can honestly say this worked with both of my boys (I also used ovulation prediction tests so I knew I was in the right time frame!).
MY question to all out there, how do you get pregnant with a girl?! I have found that my pH is more alkaline, which favors boys so I would love to hear any insight on what others may think to get our little girl.
Thanks!! Smile
"Thinking Pink"

On the 5th of October 2009 Monday around 10pm i had intercorse with hubby and we had an accident (Half in Half out).
within half hour i went and bought an ovulation kit, (urine one) and it was positive. Then i did the same test the next day (tuesday) and the next day (wednesday) and it was still positive then the next day Thursday) in the morning it was still positive then i did one at night and it was negative. am i most likely to have a girl or boy?
Also i didnt have intersourse 2days prior to the 5th (monday). If that helps....

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