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Hi ladies i just wanted to see how everyones little joys were sleeping at night...mine loves her tummy now and she also favors her sides as well...being on her tummy still scares me at times just b/c of SIDS...Reagan is 6 months old now and the % rate i know has gone down...she sleeps with NOTHING in her crib, i have to keep the bumpers on b/c the sapce is just bib enough she could get a leg or arm stuck...but she doesnt move around in the crib. She will wake up and cry if she rolls on her back during the night...but as soon as i move her to the side or tummy...she out like a light!

Just wanted to see if any one else was going through this and she other sleeping habits...and when can we start letting our babies sleep with blankets and stuff bears and all that??




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My baby is a side sleeper also. She wakes right up when I put her on her back. Since she is so small, I use a sleep positioner to keep her on her side and I swaddle her and put a blanket on her lower body when it's cold outside. I bought a bunch of sleep sacks because that's supposed to be the "right" thing to use, but they are all still in the packages. We also co-sleep most of the night because she falls asleep at my breast all the time and I've almost given up on trying to get her in the bassinett when she falls asleep because she wakes right up as soon as I put her down. I've talked to several friends who said their babies were tummy sleepers from the start and they just quit fighting it. It sounds like you're doing everything right by keeping her crib clutter free and a tight fitting sheet on and I'm sure she will be just fine. Sometimes in the name of getting our babes to sleep we have to break the rules.



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Olivia sleeps on her back, but I put a rolled up blanket against her back so she sleeps more so on her left side. Doc suggested it since her head on the right side is a little more flat than the other. She doesn't like tummy time too much, and hasn't rolled over at all.