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Joined: 09/13/2011

I recently had my left ovary/tube removed due to a cyst. My right ovary seems to be ok. We are ready to start TTC'ing again now that my surgery is done and I am back to normal. We tried for about 6 months prior to now. I am curious if any of you have gotten pregnant with one ovary/tube and did it seem to make it more difficult? I know you really can't "know" if that made things difficult to get pregnant, but if your dr's told you it would take a lot longer or if you got pregnant right away I would like to know. I have enough going against me, I am 43 and this is the 3rd time I would be pregnant. I had a miscarriage, and I have one beautiful 23 year old son. We want to try to have one more. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I have looked online but, I get it from both ends of the spectrum..I have read that it makes it a lot harder, obviously because you have only one side working, but, then I have read where it really doesn't make a difference.. Thank you in advance!


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