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Joined: 04/15/2013

Im 26 and I have miscarried a total of 5 times. It took my 5th M/C, A LOT of testing and finding the right doctor to find out my problem. I have something called MTHFR clotting disorder. I know what to do and how to handle this disorder for when I concieve next time, its the time in between each M/C that drives me crazy. It has taken up to as long as a 1 1/2 years to become pregnant again. Im looking for any tips or advice on how to conceive quicker, I feel like I've tried everything. Words can't explain how badly I want to become a mother, I feel like I was born to be a great mother. Having 5 M/C's has taken a huge emotional toll on me, but I'm never going to stop trying. My friends tell me to relax while TTC but I feel like I can't help but to over analyze and be precise about everything that has to do with TTC. Just looking for a few words of encourgement from anyone. Feel like I'm losing hope in this process.

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Sorry for your losses. I found this board a great place for hope and inspiration.... best of luck & tons of baby dust! Wink


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Welcome to the site! I am sooooo sorry for your losses, I can't even imagine the emotional devestation you have been feeling!

Know that you are surrounded by women here who are super helpful and supportive! Lean on them as much as you want/need to on your way to your BFP!

Also, if you are interested... check out the Buddy Groups and let me know if you would like to be added to one. It is a great way to connect with others during this crazy time!