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Joined: 04/12/2013

Hi everyone, I came across this site after purchasing some products online. I am a newlywed and my husband and I started ttc right after the wedding. I was lucky enough to conceive after our first attempt back in January, but unfortuately had miscarriage in February. We decided to start trying again right after. Since the miscarriage though my body feels like its out of wack and I do not think I have ovulated yet (i temp and use opk). I recently decided to purchase the Ovacue fertility monitor, so hopefully that will give me a better understanding of what my body is doing. Has anyone used this product before? I feel like my clock is ticking as I am approaching 34 this month and we both want to expand our family!

Joined: 04/24/2009

Hi Anna,
Welcome to the site!

I am sooo sorry for your loss!!! I am sure your body will slowly begin to bounce back from the physical and emotional trauma you went through. I know it can take some folks 3-6 months before they start feeling more like themselves.

Have you tried Fertil Aid to help your cycles get back on track? I know some folks have had wonderful results with it.

Also, I think you will love your OvaCue!!! It makes tracking sooo much easier! Here is a site that might answer any questions you have once you get started with it.

Also, if you are interested, check out the TTC Buddy Groups Forum on this site. It is a great way to connect with others and get some extra support along the way to your BFP!

If you are interested, let me know and I will add you to a group!