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Joined: 06/14/2010

Lenni is 10. Looks like she'll be going back to the vet on Monday. She was sneezing and sneezing this morning. Kyle didn't bother giving her her medicine today. Whatever, I'm staying out of it. Looks like I'll be the one taking her to the vet on Monday though, this should be fun. I have never been able to get her in the carrier. Kyle said it's not so bad any more, we'll see...

When the cats don't have claws, I feel they can stretch more and, like you said, "scratch" things, which works their muscles. I feel bad that Steve can't do that. We have a scratch lounge for him but I think we do need to get him a scratching post. I'm a little concerned that will make him try to scratch other things... I don't know... I keep trying to hold his paws like I'm going to cut them so he gets used to it. He seems to be doing better with it so we'll see.

When is your next appt Liz? Mins is Tuesday. Glucose test. I'm not complaining though since it seems like mine is the easiest glucose test EVER. Drink 16 oz of OJ and hour before my appt, get some blood drawn, done. FX all is good. I have to remember to ask her about birthing classes. There are NONE on the hospital schedule. I sent an email but never heard back... not very helpful...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!



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Joined: 09/14/2010

How is Lenni doing, Jess? I hope all your cats are doing better! Smile

My appointment is on Monday. I am SO excited!!

Trish and Mandy, how have you girls been doing? I know we chat more on the FB group now than we do here, but I still check here every day. We are still here to support you on your journey!


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