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Joined: 05/11/2014

I took several tests over a course of days, I have 2 children and i started noticing the signs and figured i might b pregnant, Im only just reaching the time that i could tell though. All of the tests i took were diffrent brands of pink die tests. All showed negative with the inital test and i put them away figuring it was too early to tell, however when i went to look back at them several days later all of them were positive with various obviousness in the faint lines. Has anyone heard of this or had this happen? one i could write off as a fluke but 4 with different brands all showing positive several days after the test??? does anyone know whats going on? or had this happen?Im not sure if this means i am or not, Ive heard of a positive turning negative but never a negative turning positive so long after the fact

Joined: 04/24/2009

Hi Zena!
I think they are evaporation lines and not valid. Have you taken another test since then? Fingers crossed it is a BFP!


Joined: 08/29/2014

I too have been having the same thing going on! Yesterday I took a test in the morning, waited about 2 minutes, negative. Went to take the bathroom trash out a few hours later and it was positive. Today took another test, but the line in the control window (the one that proves it's working) didn't even show up and the test window showed negative. Went back 45 minutes later to look and it had a line in the control window and a positive! I read about the evaporation lines, and read they're usually colorless. These were blue. I also read blue dye tests are probably equivalently accurate to asking my 2 year old if I'm pregnant lol. I bought 10 of the strips off this page and waiting for them to come in to retest! Definitely avoid walgreens brand of tests :/

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Joined: 10/18/2011

Try an FRER. I have found those to work the best

Joined: 01/30/2015

I think it is not valid