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Hello all..... Of course I am currently TTC. Both my DH and I are 35yrs, been married this past June 14yrs. I lost my mother to congestive heart failure in 2010, my father in 2013, suffered our 1st miscarriage in Oct 2013 at 7 wks pregnant. Then Jan 2014 suffered our 2nd miscarriage at 18wks then lost my 5 yr old niece in Feb 2014 to Sickle Cell Disease and my BFF June 2014 .... Boy oh boy has it been ROUGH, and not even 4 yrs yet!!!!! My hubby and I are currently TTC conceive again, hoping we achieve that before the end of the year. Currently taking Clomid 50mg for the 2nd time since the last loss. Going to ask Ob for increase to 100mg since 100mg worked last 2 pregnancies and 50mg never did.... Wish us luck

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Wow...that is a lot of heartbreak in those years. I can definitely relate. I lost my dad and brother within 15 months of each other. Welcome to the site. I joined this site a couple years ago after I lost twins at 18 weeks. The women have been so supportive and since then, I have had 2 beautiful babies. Good luck to you! you should definitely join a buddy group.

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Checking in, how are you doing? I can't even imagine all the loss youhave gone through over the last few years. Definitely heartbreaking! Hoping you have gotten some good news this month in the form of a BFP! Smile