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Joined: 04/08/2013

Hi fellow mommy-to-bes;

My husband and I decided late last year to start trying for our first child. I got off the pill in November 2012 and have found that my periods are slightly irregular. (12/26, 1/27, 3/12) My biggest fear is that I am not ovulating. I hate to compare myself to those around me, but I am the first person that I know that hasn't gotten pregnant within the first few months of trying. We have intercourse fairy regularly (on average 5 times a week). I have looked on as many websites and books as I can find for help. I eat pretty healthy, exercise fairly regularly, am at a good IBM and have been taking prenatal vitamins (advised from my doctor) since January. I am going to start tracking my temperature and am considering purchasing an ovulation kit to (hopefully) track ovulation. If anyone has any tips or tricks for helping us get pregnant I am open to any and all suggestions!

Thank you!

Joined: 04/24/2009

Welcome to the site!

Sounds like you are on the right path with great tools in your toolbox! The ovulation kits were great for me, and we also love the Pre Seed as well.

If you are interested in connecting with others during TTC, check out the TTC Buddy Groups and let me know if you would like to be added to a group. It is a great way to get some extra support along the way to your BFP!

Welcome Again!