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I am here in hopes to find others who are in my same situation since everyone I know has had no troubles conceiving and just don't understand what I am going through. My husband and I became pregnant last year and that sadly ended in a miscarriage 2 months in and ever since that miscarriage my cycles have been completely random. My doctor has only prescribed me pills that force my cycle to begin each month which I choose not to take since they are not good if trying to conceive and child. Everything health wise is perfect it is just hard to figure out when I am ovulating or even if I am ovulating when I have random cycles. I have researched online to see if I could find anything to help regulate my cycles as well as make it possible to conceive but have not had any luck in doing so. My husband and I are hoping that with ordering ovulation test strips it will help us pinpoint a time that is best for trying and are in high hopes that next year we will finally get to welcome a new member into our family. I am staying positive despite the constant bombardment of parents asking when they will have a grandchild. Any advice is welcome and I hope to make new friends who are in my same confusing situation.

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Welcome! I am so sorry for your loss and the emotional roller coaster since then as well! There is nothing stronger than the longing to add a little one to the family. It is gut wrenching for sure! Fingers crossed that you get your BFP quickly so the wait can be over. Also, have you tried FertilAid to regulate your cycle? It has been magical for many!!! Again, glad you are here!!!