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kiwi kids
Joined: 11/07/2011

It seems to be the boys who are not big day sleepers! Lucy even as a baby slept for at least 2 hours at a time so it is a bit of a shock having a cat napper. So much for ever getting anything done around the house or getting dinner on without much drama!

Lucy got her second flu shot today, she was a total trooper about it. Had a bit cry and then the nurse blew bubbles for her and got some jelly beans so it was all good. Had to wait for 20 mins and it was really nice because the nurse stayed and chatted etc (guess they weren't busy!) When we went to leave she told Lucy it was lovely to have met her and Lucy gave her a big old hug around her legs, super cute!
I always get comments on how well behaved she is when we are out. I feel proud but also wish these people could see what these two are like at home, it is manic! Giving her an apple or a snack while we are out generally gets her sitting still so all good.

Blake is nearly on the move, well he gets up on his hands and knees and he can push off but ends up going backwards. I guess he might start crawling in the next month or so.

kiwi kids
Joined: 11/07/2011

Got AF back, not happy about it. Has been so nice to not have to deal with it. Have to say that I was expecting maybe some cramps or something but nope no drama so far.

Does explain why I have been less patient the last few days though! Also expected BFing to hurt or something but nope. Although Blake is especially grumpy since yesterday. So wondering if he is getting my hormones, or if he might be starting to teeth now - guess I'll know in a few days!

kiwi kids
Joined: 11/07/2011

My big girl is 2 today. How the heck did that happen? I feel like I blinked and missed her being a baby but also now struggle to remember what life was like before this hectic mess that I call family life happened. What did I do with all that spare time.

Was I really worried about people at work hearing me pee (OMG these days I am just excited to not have both kids on my lap while I poop!

Did I really sleep in until after 10 at the weekend?

Did we really have an entire persons income as disposable money?

I just love my life at the moment though. My babies are adorable and hilarious! Miss Lucy is struggling to pronounce some words. She loves clocks. Whenever she sees one she points it out. There are A LOT of them at our doctors office. Only problem is that she she says it she misses the L in it... Umm SHAME!

Blake has had terrible sleeping the last week or so as he was sick and then I think he just got used to me cuddling him and giving him the dummy so last night I had to be a bit mean and let him grizzle. Felt terrible but both he and I had a fab sleep so totally worth it. He also had an epic nap this morning so obviously it has helped him get back to normal.

Right off to bed now, hoping for a nice quiet night!

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Joined: 12/23/2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to your DD! I too tend to bounce back and forth between remember the "good old days" fondly when we could do what we wanted when we wanted, and then wondering what we did with all our time back then. It's fun to be nostalgic but then you really so realize how great life is now that you're a parent!


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kiwi kids
Joined: 11/07/2011

So true Mandy!

I now have an 8 month old!!! It is so crazy! He has been crawling properly for about 3 weeks now, it is hilarious. Blake and Lucy play a lot together now which is so lovely. Yet to have any fights but Lucy does get pretty annoyed with him trying to climb on her... He is pulling up and standing pretty well already so is a lot happier to do his own thing thank goodness because he weighs like 8.5kgs and he is so heavy to cart around all day.

His night sleeping is pretty darned good. Down and asleep by 7 (or 6 sometimes if I am super organised) and I don't hear a peep until around 6:30. Day sleeps are terrible at the moment, but I am hoping it is just a developmental thing because he is learning lots of new things. Otherwise at least I only have another few months to suffer through until I put him down to one nap.

Lucy is a bit harder work at the moment at bed time because we took her dummy (pacifier) away from her. She has just turned 2 so really shouldn't have it anymore and I don't want to have to pay a million dollars for braces just because it is easier to leave her with it. She was starting to want it during the day and not at sleeping time so that was it, in the fire it went. DH brought her home a carebear to be her new special friend. He has the super original name "special teddy" So her day sleeps have been almost non existent and it is taking her up to an hour to settle at night. Poor kid is pretty tired so is a bit of a tanty chucker at the moment. Is kinda funny really... although not always, sometimes it is just irritating trying to do things like get her dressed to go out etc as she only wants to wear her PJs all the time (can't blame her, it is pretty cold!)

Well baby boy will be awake after his nap soon, has been asleep for 40 mins and we never get past 45 at the moment so should go and pee in relative peace (aka one kid annoying me in there instead of two!)

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Joined: 01/10/2011

Wow 8 months already... time sure does fly!!!

Glad all is well Smile


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kiwi kids
Joined: 11/07/2011

Oooh, I am useless at updating things sometimes.

Blake is now 10 months old! How crazy to think that he has now had more time on the outside than he had on the inside.

He is an absolute terror and of course and absolute joy. He is getting close to walking on his own now. He speeds around the furniture and loves walking pushing is trolly. Also loves holding his sisters hands and walking with her (funny until the both tumble over because he is only a few kgs lighter than her)

He has just had a bad day of lots of crashes. He fell backwards on the lino in the kitchen and hit the back of his head. Then he faceplanted the windowsill and has a bruise that goes from his mouth right across his cheek. It looks like someone drew on his face with a pen and tried to make him look like the joker. Then the same night he was standing up in the bath thinking he was awesome and slipped and hit the side of his eye on the edge of the bath. He has a little bit of a black eye. Oh my gosh, is this what having boys is like? Lucy was never this bad!

Both kids have got colds. Well, Lucy ended up with croup but not too bad. Got a couple of days of meds for her and she is loads better now. Both of them are still snotty - gross! Double gross when they both wipe it all over you!

Hmm, not much else to report really. Just that it is finally spring and after a super mild winter the weather has turned super freaking cold - arghhhhhhh.

Joined: 12/29/2011

boys are injury prone. aside from bubble wrapping him or the house, there isnt much you can do....


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