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Joined: 10/30/2011

Congrats to all you lovely ladies! You all make beautiful babies!! Katherine, now it's your turn! Good luck to you all in the first few weeks with a new born!


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Joined: 12/06/2011

Hey ladies... Been trying to adjust to life at home with # 3. Every thing is going well. Feeling very blessed and totally in love with my new little man. C-section went well and I am healing so quickly. Nursing is going well too after a bumpy start. My boys are both so excited and proud to have a new baby brother. Both are awesome big brothers and don't want to let him go.HHow is every one else doing? Tammy how is everything with your little man? Well gonna rest a bit while he is just wanted to check in.


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La Vie Jolie
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Joined: 11/15/2011

Hope everyone is doing OK. Things with me are crazy as I'm adjusting to life with our first baby. It's tough, even with the help right now so I'm a little terrified of what will happen when the husband has to go back to work and our baby nurse leaves. It will be me and the munchkin alone! Eek! I love him to pieces and am excited about the time we'll spend together, but I'm also terrified of not having that extra hand to help. Especially since I'm still so new at this. I'm getting the hang of things, but I can't say I'm a natural at it. Feeding luckily came easy for us, but I still feel very awkward with diaper changes, bath time and when he gets very fussy/squirmy. It's painful to watch him cry when he gets gassy! And I think I need to learn not to have an internal panic attack every time he cries. I know it's natural and most of the time he's fine, he just has to get past whatever it is he's experiencing (hunger, dirty diaper, gas) but it's still a bit of a struggle for me b/c it's so heartbreaking to see him so upset. Sigh. But I'm learning! And doing my best so here's hoping things get easier and I get more comfortable with more practice. Did anyone else feel like this with their first baby or am I just an awkward mom? Lol.

I will say, for the most part, he's a very chill and happy baby and I do love every second we spend together. He eats like a little monster and though he came out tiny, he ended up surpassing his birth weight by week 1! By week 2, he was already up to 7 lbs (he came out at 5 lbs, 13 oz!) Eating, sleeping and pooping well so I feel lucky to have a healthy baby so far!

Mandy, so glad to hear that Wyatt is doing well! Kimmie, how are you doing? Katherine, I want to see a pic of your bump! And Heather, thank you for the well wishes! I hope you're doing well. Still thinking of you always. Smile


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