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Joined: 07/01/2011

my temps had been low this month . i got my period on the 14th of june . i started getting egg white cm from the 25 of june i used opks ,. and it was positive , i got a dip in temp on the 26 of june it was 36.10 then on the 27th of june it was 35.90 . i waited for my temps to go up but since then ,. ive had .
28th of june - 36.10 - egg white cm
29th of june - 36.10- egg white cm
30th of june- 36.25- egg white cm
1 of july- 36.10- creamy and white and thick cm
2 of july 36.20 - watery thin and drys quickly on my fingers -cm -

whats going on with me Sad i had all signs i was ovulating but i didn't , i get a range from 28 days of a cycle to 34 days ~
so if i havent ovulated already i think it may happen on the 4th of july xx must be a 34 days cycle this month.. it been 8 months of ttc for me so far and its been the hardest 8 months . it took one night to get my son who is now 19 months old. what does every1 think of my low temps ? and how long till i get a spike after i ovulate as my first month charting ? thanx

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Hi, Tasha,

I only know temps in degrees F, so I'm not sure how it translates to C.

But in F: you will have a temperature increase (usually 0.4) the day after you ovulate. However, you need 3 consecutive days of temps higher than the previous 6 in order to confirm that you have O'ed.

Keep in mind that in some cycles you may not ovulate.


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