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You know... I don't like it when my in-laws are over to see my son. I don't like it when they carry him either. And it isn't a matter of me not liking my son being carried by others-- friends and other family members are welcome to carry him. It's just particularly my in-laws (MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL).

Does anyone feel this way?


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i felt that way with my own mom and others, its being a new mommy and the hole "no one does it like you" thing..i didnt want my mom to bath her, change her feed her, nothing while she was there b/c if she did i was over her like a hawk watching so i might as well be doing it myself. i was very against my SD (step-daughter) holding her (she is 8 now) i told my DH NO i dont know how many times but when she ask i had to leave the room(in tears) b/c all i could think about was her dropping her or letting her head fall back (even though my dh was right therer and they were sitting on the couch with a pillow!) allot of woman dont want ANYONE toching or holding their babies, so dont be ashamed to feel that way and dont feel bad about it, hopefully itll pass and everything will be good! Smile




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Yeah, for some reason I have that same reaction. It doesn't bother me when my mother hovers over the baby and she is over almost everyday. But, my IL's are over about once a week and sure enough my MIL always makes comments about how cold Aubrey must be in the clothes I put her in. She will put thick socks on her and it's in the 80s here in florida and she just kicks them off anyway.One time she was commenting about how "ice cold" Aubrey's hands were, like I'm supposed to put mittens on her in our climate controlled home. Oh, and she always changes her diaper the second she fusses, even though I told her that never bothers the baby, and furthermore I just changed her! Crazy Yeah, I'm in the same boat.