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*My Birth Story*

I went to my 40 week appointment on the morning of my due date and I was 2-3 cm but "long" so the doctor told me it wouldn't be that day and to hang in there and come back in a week. I was pretty disappointed since I had been woken up with contractions several times the night before. I went home and continued to have mild, irregular contractions for the rest of the day. I went to bed and was woken up at 1:30 am by some stronger contractions so I started to time them and they were about 7 minutes apart. Once I had about 5 in a row I decided to get up. I tried to find a distraction but was surprised that the contractions were already getting pretty intense so I got in the bath. I couldn't get any relief so I decided to try the shower instead. By the time I got out of the shower the contractions were about 5 minutes apart and I wasn't able to stand through them so I was getting on my hands and knees in the bathroom, which was convenient because that is when I started vomiting. It was 3 am and I knew it was time to wake up my husband. I hurried between contractions and then got back on my hands and knees in the bathroom. I did the same to get dressed and then to get a vomit bucket ready while DH got the car loaded. We only live a few minutes from the hospital so I made it there with only one contraction in the car and another in the parking lot. I had planned to stay home as long as possible but I was shocked that things got intense so quickly. When I got into a room I was already 8 cm and my bag of water was bulging. I was super relieved because I knew that once the doctor arrived and broke my water I would be having a baby. He got there pretty quick and broke my water and said I still had a tiny bit of cervix left. By then my contractions were right on top of each other and I figured one or two would take care of that. I had insane pressure so I wanted the nurse to check and I still had a tiny bit of cervix left. I was so frustrated. Finally she told me I could push and after a few pushes my sweet baby girl was born at 5:52 am. The only big disappointment was that the doctor quickly cut her cord without even asking us. I can't believe dh didn't get to cut it! The only thing we can figure is he was in a hurry because another woman was ready to deliver in the next room so he rushed off and we were left with our baby for a good 2 hours, which was amazing. I am just so glad she is finally here!


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