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Early pregnancy tests are very important for many reasons therefore pregnancy detection at early stage is very serious, and for the purpose of easing, early pregnancy test kits are manufactured and made available in the market to easily perform the pregnancy tests at home.

There are many other methods of examining the pregnancy by physician that include the observation of tenderness of cervix, bluish color of the vagina and cervix, softening in uterus, and increase in size of uterus, however these signs start to appear after the fifth week near to sixth week that complicates many decisions to be made by the pregnant women.

Early pregnancy test kits are used widely for the purpose of detecting the pregnancy more efficiently with the accuracy about almost 99%, and the simple test can be easily performed at home after the early missed period of 6 days, these early pregnancy test kits are offered with a proper guide with step by step procedure to perform and they are based on the detection of HCG in urine, the technology relies upon using monoclonal antibodies.

What's more is that early detection is important because the health care of the pregnant women is the upmost concern, change in behavior and many related events occur due to pregnancy, and for the safety of the women and the baby, proper diet plans should be advised and smoking, alcohol should be stopped in regard of avoiding the harm and injuries, for those women who do not want abortion, early detection plays a very vital role there too for making the decision, because in second trimester it gets quite a little complicated to execute the abortion process.

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