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Not sure if anyone comes into this area any more but figured I would ask a question and see what happens.

I think that Blake has day and night confused. During the day (esp the morning) he will happily go 3-4 hours between feeds and I can feed him, burp him and put him back in his bassinet and he will settle straight to sleep. Meanwhile at night he wants to either feed or comfort suck all night and will not settle in the bassinet at all. If I am lucky he might go to sleep on me and I can transfer him to his own bed but that usually doesn't happen until about 4am - I need sleep!

Also he acts desperate for feeding at night but falls asleep after about 5 mins of sucking but if I try to unlatch him he wakes up and starts acting like he is starving again - what the heck is that about?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

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Sad oy! what a tired mom you must be!!
My son had all kinds of sleep problems.... the most concise info I've found on handling everything newborn to 1 year old sleep is on troublesometots.com
Balke is still under 3 months, right? Here's the link to helpful articles in that age category:

Best of luck!


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kiwi kids
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Thanks CC, I just had a look at the site and it is really helpful!

Pretty much have him sorted with sleeping at night now, he is even in his cot since he is too big for the bassinet. Sleeps up to 9 hours straight at night as long as I swaddle him up nice and tight (seems the only times he wakes in the night is because he has an arm or leg out!)

Had some cat-napping issues, I think it is because I was rocking/patting him to sleep. It is a lot faster to get him to sleep that way. But of course then he wakes after his first sleep cycle and realises he isn't being held and wakes up properly so now I have been working on getting him to go to sleep in his cot, just putting him down drowsy and patting until he is asleep etc. Only sometimes it takes quite a while and Lucy comes in with her toddler voice saying Hi and wanting to play with him... then we start all over again! Getting there though!