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I had my last period on April 4. After that cycle I stopped using nuvaring which I was on for 4 years prior to that. The day before my period was supposed to start I took a clearblue digital smart count down test with a not pregnant result. Two weeks later still no period and experiencing symptoms i took another clearblue digital test with a pregnant reading. A few hours later we took another of the same test with a pregnant result. Two days later I was reading reviews in the test and there were negative reviews stating that test has issues with giving false positives so my husband went and bought a ept digital test which was not pregnant. About an hour later we took another of the clearblue with a pregnant result. So we have 3 clearblue digitals stating that I am pregnant and 1 ept brand digital stating not pregnant. I have made an appt to see the doctor, but they want to wait to see me until 2 weeks from now sonat about 8 weeks along. They don't seem concerned they said that since I had multiple positives i most likely am. Has anyone else has these issues with clearblue?