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Joined: 01/19/2011

things are still going so well. it almost feels like i'm stuck in a really good dream. i could get used to this!

i'll be 33 weeks on wednesday!!! only seven weeks to go after that...WHEW! I CANT WAIIIIIT!
nursery is done. all i have left to do is find a place for all the extra baby stuff we have stacked in the room to get it uncluttered. it's not much to look at right now. such a mess.

still feeling pretty decent and making it through my work days with minimal misery. definitely starting to feel the physical strain, though. can't wait to be done and hold my baby boy. =]

happy baking, grayson.


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Joined: 12/29/2011

i am glad you are doing so well! baby will be here b4 you know it


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kiwi kids
Joined: 11/07/2011

Yay so glad you are going well! Baby Grayson will be here in no time. I soooooo love his name! It is just fantastic.

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Joined: 11/02/2010

Wow. I haven't been on here in FOREVER and am sure the few people I talked to will even forget who I am!
I check in a couple times too see how people were doing.
Congrats! Glad to hear things are going so well for you!
I will be checking here more often now! I definitely want to hear about you little boy when he is born! Enjoy birth and those first few moment of life. My best advice is get your husband to record those first few precious moment of babies life, mine did and I've watched it a million times in amazement at him looking and moving around on the examination table.


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Joined: 03/25/2011

Hey Christy, you're almost there! cool...
nice name - grayson... reminds me of drop dead diva Smile