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Sexual Intercourse is not only the fact of physical satisfaction, but also It deals with mental satisfaction. Now a days in our busy lifestyle It is quite common for many couple that can’t manage time for a perfect sexual intercourse. Again somebody get busy to think about his office or profession in the time of intercourse. which affects their ability of intercourse.

Those who are preparing for child should cohabit once and again. It was practically noted that frequent sexual intercourse is more effective to conceive than sexual intercourse on the date of ovulation or day before ovulation. Ovum can live only 12 to 14 hours. So presence of sperm is so important for that short time period. In the male body, brain send a signal in the time of erection. If you are over tired or stressed, then your brain will not send the right signal. which affects the sexual intercourse. It is called erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction can be treated by medicine. It will take round about three to four months.